Something that tickles me in our daily lives is the fact we live near enough to our local school for the boys to scoot to school. Well, Harry did for four glorious carefree years and now Dominic following his scooter tracks.

This was almost wiped out when we changed Harry’s middle school from the local one in the quest for a better standard of education – you can read all about that here – but we have managed to keep Dominic local whilst chauffeuring Harry further afield.

So, come hail, rain or shine, D jumps on his chosen mode of transport and free wheels to his day, without a care in the world. Long may this continue!

He is only four – ‘But I’m neeeeearly five mummy!!!!!’ – and already he is taking scooting to the next level, trying to manoeuvre his into little jumps and fast stop/starts, and wheel spins, role-playing the dynamic stunt scootsperts he watches on You Tube.

You Tube – don’t get me started! The stuff they watch on there?? I wrote all about the random stuff your kids love to watch on you tube, check it out here – it baffles me that instead of playing with toys themselves, they’d rather watch other kids playing with toys instead – go figure!

Anyway, I digress. With Christmas looming I’m struggling to think what to get the boys as even they will say they have everything they need. Then I had a brainwave, take their fave thing and make it even better!

So stunt scooters are top of the list now and when I was googling where to get the best ones at the best price, I came across a cool infographic on Halfords website that I thought you might like me to share.


Stunt Scooter Tips


I’m going to print it out on my swanky new Epson scanner printer – did you read about that last week? It’s bloody awesome! – and give it to the boys so get cracking honing their skills.

Anyway, I found two scooters that will do the job nicely in Halfords online – and they were reduced! – so my order is placed. That was the easy bit, only another 34 presents on the family and friends list to sort! This Christmas lark is hard work, pass me the Prosecco!

Oh talking of which, don’t forget to enter my fab comp to win a case of Premier Estates Wine to make your festive season go off with a sparkle!

Cheers to that my lovelies, until next time xxxx

Have you done all your Christmas shopping? Are you going to put me to shame? Is it easier online or in person do you think? Give me some pointers!!!


*Disclosure: This is a collaborative post