I’m not sorted. At all. The least organised to date in fact. I thought I was rubbish last year but this is off the scale. Christmas has come at a very inconvenient time, fast and furious and I feel like I’ve barely washed and put away the clothes from holidays and already Santa is jingling his sleigh bells.

I’ve had to be concise this year, no time for faffing now, deliberating, worrying about what to get like normal.

This year it’s do or die, get it done asap and  move on to Christmas party mode so here we go, buckle in, it’s a whirlwind gift guide and it should sort you out as well as me.

Everything in this guide is available now online and can be delivered in time for Christmas. You are welcome.

*Some of the items in this guide have been gifted to me to try out but I am only recommending products I’d buy or use myself. Guide includes affiliate links unless otherwise stated*

Christmas Gifts For Men

I’m notoriously bad when it comes to buying for the blokes so my go to’s this year are electric toothbrushes, aftershave and grooming kits.

Dear Barber have a stylish keepsake box to house their high end range of products and this will definitely go down well with Harry is he is constantly messing with that hair of his.  Shampoo, styler and fragrance, it’s a tick tick trio and a really great price at just £9.99.

For those beardy blokes on the block, Fuzzy Duck from Bayliss & Harding has a fab ginger and lime scented quartet with shampoo, wax, balm and soap to spruce up the whiskers and is a snip at £8.80 on Amazon.


L’Occitane (pronounced LOX-EE-TAN) is a classy choice when it comes to grown up cologne. I have chosen their Cedrat gifting range with the shower gel, aftershave gel and sexy eau de toilette. It is £76.50’s worth of products for £59. A step beyond for the discerning guy in your life, it’s a gift I know will be a big success if you want to splurge on your man.





Christmas Gifts For Kids

Kids are much easier and my top toy this year has to be the Robo Dash – a loveable wee robotic dachshund that moves, sounds and acts like a real dog. But without the yucky bits or the need to be walked! Reduced to £29.99 on Very.co.uk and still £40 at Argos – goooo!

With all the characteristics of a real four-legged friend; he pants, he barks, he yelps, and he even wags his tail when he’s happy. Pretty cool and fingers crossed he keeps the kids happy.

I have also made an inspired find this year for the kids -A Roxi. Never heard if it? Me neither til recently!

This will provide lots of family fun over the festive period, might be hogging it myself though. An unsung karaoke Queen I am, and this will let me challenge the kids as it has a dual microphone option. Priced best on their own website at £99.95, this is a great family gift.

Choosing between 35million + songs by the worlds best loved artists, we are going to be crooning around that Christmas tree for sure.  I hate reading instructions but this is super easy to set up straight from the box so no faffing for this tech phobe. Cant wait!

Christmas Gifts For her

Cosy is my middle name this winter and that goes for my gifting too. Family favourite Bayliss & Harding have a premium collection for Fuzzy Duck and this sumptuous robe set including bath crystals will be a great Christmas gift for any one of the girls in the family. It is now reduced to better than half price at Tesco with this (non-affiliate) link. They have a whole host of gifts at amazing prices.

I am always banging on about Birchbox. Both the brand and the lovely team behind it. Every month, a little box of joy pops through my letterbox, full of goodies.  The best thing about Birchbox is not the purse pleasing price but the fact it has introduced me to so many fabulous beauty brands from trying out the mini sized tasters in the sub boxes. For just £10 per month plus delivery, it’s a great buy. Affiliate link below.

New customers subscribing in December will receive a full-size ICONIC London Illuminator, worth £30.00; in a choice of two glowy shades, Pearl or Bronze. Plus, Birchbox gift subscriptions are available all the way up to December 24th, with the instantly printable certificate making it a perfect last minute gift.

My favourite thing to do once I’ve cleaned the house is to light my candles (£12 & £30) and let the aroma infuse. Beatitude are often my go to as the warm and spicy smell I find super comforting and I love the new addition to their range of the Christmas bauble (£12) with a cute body oil inside. Perfect for my mum.

The collaboration between Sweed & Nikki Makeup recently has given birth to my new favourite party lashes. Easy to work with, dramatic results, these will be going into beauty baskets for all the glam girls in the family.Available from Harrods, Selfridges and other savvy stores.

Being a Mac girl through and through, the holiday season has to feature some glitz and glam from my day in day out brand. Their holiday collection is stunning from packaging to swatch, almost too pretty to use – almost! My favourite is the opalescent powder for a flawless finish. Shop the Mac Christmas range here. 


Ren Skincare has been a 2019 find of mine and I’m treating my mum to an amazing box of goodies, exclusive to SpaceNK, one of her favourite stores. I’ve actually not met a brand more committed to the environment and recycling than the guys from Ren, it’s super impressive.

Mum’s goodies consist of: (and I’m going to quote from the brand here because they describe it so perfectly) plus affiliate link.

A  luxurious, (multi) award-winning set of Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium body care including body wash, body scrub, and body oil. Harnessing the re-energising power of Atlantic Sea Kelp, to replenish the essential magnesium in your body, this indulgent trio will leave your skin energised and uplifted. In homage to its ocean sourced ingredients, the bottle of the Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium body wash is made of 100% recycled plastic, 20% of which reclaimed from the ocean – complete with metal-free pump. Gift box ribbon made from recycled plastic bottles.

I also picked up a night cream, cleansing balm and pillow spray in the form of their sleep set. 2019 has been my worst to date for great sleeps so hopefully this little box of goodies will start me on the road to better zzzzz’s to come.

Shopping independent is also a big factor at Christmas and I have many great friends who run their own creative small business. One such lady is Charlie who dreamt up Rocksbox, a carefully curated selection of luxury goodies for the ultimate feel good gift at affordable prices.

Also a gorgeous lady into the bargain, please do check out Rocksbox (non affiliate link here) and curate your gift for the loved one in your life.

Christmas Gifts For Everyone

Crimbo wouldn’t be as merry without some sweet treats and I’ve got a corker for you!!!!

Quality Street thats literally right up your own street, I mean , bloody genius or what?? When these arrived the kids were wide eyed, a major family favourite personalised just for us? It’s the ultimate in bespoke for us, get yours online and at participating John Lewis stores all listed in this affiliate link  

Well, I hope this helps, a few clicks and your shopping could be all done by the end of the day.

Have a fantastic Christmas everyone! xxx