What is a family meal these days? No longer the stereotypical sit down dinner at 6pm where the Walton style chow down takes place. More often than not, us mums (or house husbands, significant others, carers etc etc *delete as appropriate*) scavenging the leftovers from the kids plates whilst sticking another load in the washing machine after another mammoth round of extra curricular chauffeuring, before whipping up something beige and convenient for themselves and their other halves to be half-heartedly eaten way too late at night, before collapsing into bed ready to do it all again the next day. Phew!

We are up against the clock every day in one way or another, so anything which can save me time and allow the family to come together without breaking the bank has got to be a winning formula.

You know by now we are a family who favour HelloFresh for quality, convenience and great value but we have fallen in love all over again with the recent relaunch of their family boxes. Instagram has been choc full of amazing creations from families all over the country and their happy boxes -and with good reason.

Bigger, better, brighter and with even clearer walk through instructions making creation child’s play, Dominic put it to the test.

At the tender age of five, he has just learned to read rather well and he was eager to be in charge, he loved it, wants to make it a regular thing and in fact he assures us he wants to be a chef when he grows up, so watch out Patrick of HelloFresh!

Have a little look at when he made dinner for us all last Friday night while I got to take it easy. Cheers!


So we feasted on the cheesy meatball bake and no word of a biased lie, it was delicious. I’m not really a massive fan of meatballs to be honest, I don’t really trust mince, is that weird? I’m the same with the inside of sausages in fact, but anyway, I digress!


The cheesy meaty balls were a big hit with all of us though. Since I got to help Dominic with the hot bits I gave them a right good roll round the pan, probably a tad longer than most humans would but that’s the way we like ’em.

T’was a cracking dinner, Dominic was beaming from ear to ear and I didn’t have to break a sweat so all in all, another sure fire HelloFresh winner from us.

Check out the full range of boxes available for singles, couples, families, vegetarians etc etc here.



*This post is in paid partnership with HelloFresh but we proper bloody love them, they didn’t ask us to make a video, we just fancied it, they had no control over the content over this post, in fact they may have forgotten I’m writing this, but we love them and, oh, and their food boxes rock! *