One of my kids’ favourite questions in the morning (usually when I’ve literally just opened one bleary eye to the day) is ‘What’s for dinner tonight?’

Unsurprisingly it is one of my least favourite questions.

Sometimes I feel a burst of culinary inspo and get all creative but then their fussy faces fall and my cordon bleu creation is cruelly rejected. This is why I feel like my kids have sadly and inadvertently sapped the joy out of cooking for me.

I often wish I could just ‘Ask Alexa’ what to make for tea – it’s so boring every single day – are you with me on this? Dinner has now become a necessary evil and at the moment, food for me has lost its flava.

HelloFresh Flavour Generator - Easy Dinner Inspo From The Experts

Enter stage left our family favourite HelloFresh with their Flavour Generator which is about to tantalise my taste buds and bring back the love for food once more..

Taste, touch, sight, sound and smell. Five little words which have a gigantic impact.

We had a little science lesson recently at HelloFresh UK H.Q. When I arrived it was like walking into a tastefully kitted out eco common room where a warm welcome and mouthwatering smells awaited. Love this foodie fam-a-lam!

We embarked on a journey of mixed messages for our instincts and it was amazing to discover just how much our brain pre-determines in regards to taste.

I learned that I was a supertaster –woohoo, and that I am attuned to subtleties in tastes.

HelloFresh Flavour Generator - Easy Dinner Inspo From The Experts


So, the idea behind the HF new concept is to take the boredom out of cooking, to re-inject the flavour and fun, to bring back the love.

From a bank of over 100 recipes, use your key ingredient or desired taste to generate an easy make dish with instantly downloadable shopping list and et voila – let it get creative for you.

I am loving it – last night we had a fab new take on pasta and at the weekend I whipped up a balsamic steak and wedges combo and guess what? No complaints from the the clan!



Dominic had a go and was in charge of choosing dinner the other night!

It really takes the drudge out of the duty and I’m going to be utilising it to the max to help me deal with the endless tasks I have in a day to cut down the dread. It will be invaluable during the summer holidays too, who even has time to think???

So check it out here, give it a go and let me know what you come up with on social media – I might use it as inspiration for my next foodie post!


*Disclosure: This is a collaborative post with my faves, HelloFresh, but as always, I’m speaking from the heart and giving my own, honest opinions.