Around March, I was gifted (it’s such an insta word, and very annoying, I know, but it covers the bases!) a Dyson Supersonic hairdryer.

I know how bloody lucky that makes me as these little power puffers cost way more than the average girl cares to spend on a dryer, because this is not just any dryer, it’s the Dyson.

The reason I’ve not said too much about it yet apart from on my social media channels is that I wanted to truly put it through it’s paces, use it in real time, and truly get a feel for whether it is actually worth your wonga or not. By the way, don’t get jel but this red version was a limited edition colour but the hot colour combo of this Christmas is limited edition purple and black so don’t fret.

I’ve been busy testing, trying and living with this little beauty all this time, ready to make my judgement to share with you guys.

I was also lucky enough to shadow the acclaimed celeb hairdresser Jon Reyman at London Fashion Week, doing the hair for my faves, Teatum Jones. It was Supersonic central – the dream!









Check out the pics of how the models’ hair turned out!


So. First off, it’s fast. Really fast.

And quiet.

Two big ticks in its favour so far and I have barely begun.

An in-built microprocessor measures the temperature 20 times per second, keeping it focused on a sleek finish whilst the negative neutrons combat static.

The intelligent heat control system monitors the machine, regulating it so you never burn your hair or yourself. Winner winner chicken dinner.

This has so much in-built tech I have no idea how they’ve managed to keep it so compact, ergonomic, and downright stylish but I love it.

As you know, I have a lot of hair. It has sort of accidentally become my brand, if that doesn’t sound too arsey, it has become my USP.  The hair (probs needs its own Instagram page I reckon) is relatively low maintenance, but certain things get to its roots and do the job well.

I need to dry that mane fast. I rarely have time to indulge in lengthy faffing with the mop.

But when I turn it upside down it retains an element of frizz brought about by drying the hair shaft against the growth and thus not creating a smooth finish.

When I use the Dyson, the upside down part is so quick, and then returning to my normal upright state, it’s a quick smooth down the length of my hair for a frizz free look thanks to that temperature measurement and all the other fancy stuff.

The mean machine is compact, easy to transport for holidays or weekends abroad or easy store daily use.

It looks great too, instantly recognisable as the market leader in hair drying technology – it’s so sought after and used by the top professionals.

I did a photoshoot for Red magazine last week (look out for it in November’s copy peeps!) and to my delight the hair stylist had one. We bonded over the tech. This is how the hair turned out.


It’s a product that now I’ve used it, it’s essential to my kit – I really wouldn’t want to be without it. But this dream machine comes at a price. Currently £299 on or 3 easy payments on QVC as my mum keeps telling me because she desperately wants one lol.

It would be top of my Christmas list if I didn’t already have one. One hundred percent recommended by Amanda with the good hair (thanks for the inspo Beyonce!)

Until next time my lovelies xxx


*Disclaimer: Got it for free, don’t be a hater, it’s part of me job mate and Dyson didn’t ask for anything in return because it sells itself*