So it’s officially Autumn and I really didn’t see that coming!

Feels like I have just managed to get together a summer wardrobe for each of the boys to see them through the balmy days of school holidays, trips out and sunshine fun.  In a flash, it’s gone and this week out came a pair of boots from my stash in the loft and a frantic search for a coat as the rain lashed down during the school run. It’s UGG o’clock everyone!



The toll bell really rang for the start of autumn for me during the week when I was sent a gorgeous Christmas flowers bouquet from the lovelies at Prestige Flowers. It is part of their Platinum range and is choc full of sumptuous warming colours and smells like the festive season & walks in the park on winter days all rolled into one! The stunning aroma has filled the lounge and the pert pinecones have been almost too tempting for the boys as they are desperate to snaffle them for themselves! I took all of these lovely pictures in the garden earlier and was amazed at the beauty of this dewy autumn morning.




So this leads me to thinking it’s time to sort my winter wardrobe and I don’t know about you, but I only manage to indulge in updating this annually with a few choice items, otherwise it’s pretty much what I wore last year…and the year before…and the one before that!

This year I’m looking at investing in some key pieces which I know will see me through the season and also I will enjoy wearing and feel confident in.


I love this stunning combination from ISWAI – haven’t heard of them? Well if I told you it’s the creative label of MIC’s Caggie Dunlop, it might make sense. She is a modern London girl with a Bohemian spirit, and a savvy eye for style! The typical ISWAI girl’s style is effortless and limitless.


Made In Chelsea star & Creator of ISWAI, Caggie Dunlop

Caggie champions new designers and is always working with them on new pieces for the collection. I’m lusting after this simply chic, handcrafted necklace from the new Selene collection.


I’m a massive advocate of dressing not for your age, but ALWAYS age-appropriately. Although I love ISWAI pieces as gifts for younger family members and friends, I absolutely refuse to think I can’t rock most of them myself! In my head, I’m a good 20 years younger than my passport actually states, but I know what suits me as my tastes have evolved over the years into a formula which works for my lifestyle.


Location shots by Andrea Richardson

Meeting my beloved BFF for lunch the other day, I pulled out my scallop hemmed lace top and white zip-cuff boucle jacket. Teaming it with my obligatory black skinny jeans and this statement aqua tote bag. I was going to rock my new pumps with the look but as I went to leave the house, typically the British weather forced my hand and on went the boots!


ISWAI – It Starts With An Idea – Aqua Tote

The first thing Andrea said to me on seeing my bag was ‘it’s so you’, I’m obsessed with the colour pop it creates on any outfit and compliments the old Titian tresses perfectly!



I see a theme that most of my posts include close-ups of Prosecco – erk!

As we tucked into our spicy specialities for lunch, washed down with the essential glass of fizz, we put the world to rights – or tried, it’s a big job! – and talked about everything under the sun.


Simply love this jacket!


I Gok-ed my jacket up slightly as I am a sucker for embellishment, by adding this Juicy Couture crown brooch.  A girl can never have too much sparkle, right? Also, the lace top has a slight crop which does not work for my midriff so wore a delicate lace cami underneath to create a subtle layered effect – worked a treat!  My cream combo was versatile, cosy and chic, just the job whether it’s a working lunch, meeting a friend or on the school run. Minimum fuss dressing for maximum impact, that’s what I love.

My bag has travelled with me from a weekend in Rome to restaurants near home to right back at Chez Ginger and it’s now my favourite staple. Ideal for holding all the mummy junk I acquire on a daily basis – gummy bears, random plastic toys or snotty tissues anyone? Ewwww!


Have you got your Autumn/Winter look sorted yet? Great tips always appreciated!

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