Afternoon Tea at Reform SocialTucked inside the home of the Mandeville Hotel, Marelybone, a few streets back from the bustle of Oxford Street is a delightful little venue, Reform Social and Grill. If you didn’t know about it you could almost walk past on a rainy evening in London Town. But try not to bypass this gem if you are looking for a cracking afternoon tea as this venue ticks all the right boxes.



We had been invited to sample the children’s afternoon tea and it was on a cold rainy pre-Christmas afternoon we grabbed a cab to Reform, en route to review Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, hoping for the right grub to fill a gap.  Hungry kids and hungry mums don’t equal a happy medium so with tummies growling we were looking forward to what was ahead of us.



The children chose their themed teas while we opted for a Gentleman’s tea and a Vintage respectively.

Peanut butter & jam sandwiches, mini fish fingers and ketchup, and BBQ chicken sliders. Dainty but delicious. One tip from the mouths of babes, Reform could lose the BBQ option and load up on the fish if truth be told.



With the Great British Gentleman’s afternoon tea came a colourful variety of savouries: Sausage Roll, Fish Finger with Mushy Peas & Steak Sandwich with snails promised much but the portion sizes did leave us wanting more (Not so much the snails though!!)



We needed a savoury fix before tucking in to the sugar stack and were left wanting an extra sandwich or two. Our sparkling glasses of champers soon dulled that yearning and onwards to our sweet treats we progressed.



Our sweet stack was loaded and looked darling. The crockery was beautiful and the presentation gorgeous as we oohed and aaaahed at each layer which appeared. Instantly Instagram-able, we got clicking away as soon as the pretty butterfly China hit the scene.




Scones, tarts, Dundee cake, shortbread and gooey chocolate cake galore, we gallantly bit our way through the lot. We were full and happy by the end and the variety was a palette pleaser too.



Back to the the children’s sweet treats which were laden with sugarcraft and while this pleased the kids no end, us mums were a little stressed at the thought of our wired offspring, post event. Even Harry who has his mums sweet tooth exclaimed (with eyes gleaming!), ‘Mummy, this gingerbread man is pure sugar!’ They could have done with the intense treats being offset with a little touch of fruit purée or the like, just to balance it up a touch.



The quaint little lunch boxes they got with their fare would have been a lovely touch, had they got to keep them, but they were whisked away with the empties and due to please the next batch of lucky munchkins who visited.


Overall, it was a fabulous visit and one I’d wholeheartedly recommend, but a word to the wise, don’t starve yourselves and the kids before you go, you may end up at McDonalds on the way home!

Where’s your fave afternoon tea? Will you take your Mum on Mother’s Day?

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