On a weekly basis I’m asked what a blogger actually does, what a typical day in the life entails.

It amazes me that anyone would be interested in my day as although I love the squeeze-it-all-in nature of my life, I am sure it wouldn’t appeal to most.

Today was another crazy busy day, so I thought this was a great one to share with you all as it pretty much encompassed most things in my very busy life.

We are in the throes of the school Easter holiday period (only 1 inset day to go – I can almost touch my sanity to grab it back and reclaim it for myself!) so the day started off with a bit of chauffeuring around Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire as I dropped the boys off at their respective football training camps. Dominic for a couple of hours only, as he is, at four, my baby and only dipping his toe into these ‘big boy’ pursuits.  Harry, on the other hand, is an all-dayer – and all night footballer too, given half the chance!

So drop both off, run around buying the boys some shorts from Next now the weather has turned, then rush back and pick Dominic up, dash off for a photo shoot for the blog which you can check out here, and whizz back to pick up Harry. Here’s a couple of pics from the shoot which didn’t make the fashion post….



Next off, drop the boys home with their dad for pizza night with the family and then drive (very responsibly but swiftly) to the train station to catch the 4 0’clock to London.
On arrival I got ditched by my super busy friend but ended up bonding purely by chance with a stunning American model, Alison, who has just been shooting the latest Boden campaign all week, cool huh? Of course we are now Instagram friends forever (IFF’s) and I can’t wait to see the results of her work in the upcoming catalogue.

Phew! You still with me? Good, because here’s where it gets really interesting!


My reason for popping into town on this particular evening was to support a friend, Vicki a.k.a. Honest Mum who was co-running an amazing, empowering workshop against the powerful backdrop of the British Library with a panel of uber successful women, and also to learn from them, their tenacity and achievements. The event, Passion Into Pounds, was a joint collaboration from Vicki Psarias Jessica Huie MBE

The esteemed panel   consisted of: Natasha Courtenay-Smith, Indy Vidyalankara, Emma KennySimone Dyer


Now there are highlights on all their names you can just click on and it takes you through to their sites where you can find out all about them because if I tried to condense each of their career histories and successes here, I’d definitely do them a massive injustice!

Suffice to say each and every one of them are the women they are today due to events, difficulties, obstacles and traumas they have come through and went on to use them as a positive platform to shape a successful future for themselves and their families.

As we heard from each of the speakers, the surge of empowerment in the room ramped up a notch, the sense of growing self-belief was palpable!

To hear these women speak, raw and emotionally from the heart and give of themselves to encourage every one of us to reach for our goals, make our success happen and enjoy it as we go along, was nothing less than inspirational.

The ‘hell yeah!’ moment came as the Q&A wrapped up and they opened the floor to a session of ‘what can you give, and what do you need?’, which, I will be honest, didn’t rock my world at the thought of it – its never easy to bare your soul – but once we got into the swing the skill swap, it was a defining moment without doubt.

One by one we took our moment in the spotlight and told our peers what the one thing we need from someone to achieve our goals would be, coupled with what we could give in return. Then, from the room full of multi-talented, highly skilled individuals someone would accept each trade, including members of the panel.

By the end of this exercise, the room was buzzing with collaboration opportunities. Partnerships were formed and ideas were burgeoning left, right and centre.

I think we could easily have spent tenfold the allocated time bouncing energy and ideas off each other but all good things have to come to an end and off we went, powered by the electricity the workshop had generated, into the afterglow to our various walks of life to set about taking on the world with our new found empowerment.

I managed to (badly) vlog my day and a lovely chunk of the workshop, I made the rookie blogger fail of chopping peoples head off but hey, vlogs are meant to be raw, right??? I hope you enjoy it.

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