As you can see, this is a new blog, but by an old blogger, in more ways than one, I’m no spring chicken anymore! You may have seen my name around the place, I was the Fashion & Beauty Director for a luxury nationwide beauty company, I was formerly known on Twitter as @mandypops47. I have been blogging and growing the social media following for other people, covering beauty, fashion and a plethora of other subjects I have substantial knowledge of. I grew tired though, of having to toe¬†the party line, sometimes write things which were against my own personal views, and even embellish on reality at times to suit brand relationships. For me, this isn’t what blogging is all about.

Now I have my own, stand-alone blog, I can write honestly and whether it offends at times or pleases, it’s true and from the heart. I promise you I will never write about or promote a brand which I don’t truly believe in or admire.

So who am I? Well, I am originally Scottish, but a Londoner to my core. I am an only child, a mum of two gorgeous, exhausting titian-haired delights…oh and also a wife. As well as blogging and managing social media for people, I run a successful spray tanning company which you can interact with here: Previously, I have enjoyed working a stylist, personal shopper, writer & event manager for fashion & beauty events.

When I was deciding which particular avenue to direct my blog, I realised with pleasure I can now decide not to limit myself to one or two subjects, but to cover a multitude, which resonates with all multitasking parents and individuals out there.

Theres a lot to be said for not spreading yourself too thin, so I will be careful not to bombard you and blog about each and every time I sneeze….but every day of mine, and most people’s lives, touch so many varied topics, I’d like to share a selection of some of those with you.

You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Bloglovin, I’d love to see you there! If you have any products or topics you’d like to hear more about, let me know…..