Let’s talk about impending school summer holidays!

In the main, I don’t know anyone who embraces the thought of those six weeks unless you are lucky enough to get booked up on a lengthy stint abroad, at an all inclusive dream break.

It brings the work/life balance crashing down, the daily struggle of being entertainment 101 and an enormous challenge to our sanity.

I need to be loaded up to the hilt with ideas in preparation otherwise my eldest will go into Fortnite meltdown and Dominic will believe he truly is the newest addition to the Funnel Vision family.


One place I roll out time after time is Paradise Wildlife Park with NO complaints. We’ve stayed there overnight (sadly that option no longer exists but you can read all about it and their other options here)

And we have taken friends and family for day trips – all with great success.

I thought I’d rest it this summer so as not to overkill the fun factor BUT they’ve only gone and rolled out a spectacular new zone – wall to wall dino animatronics!

We were lucky enough to be invited to the launch day –  what a cracker it turned out to be. Not only did we get exclusive peek at their fab new baby, but it was a bit of a celeb fest to boot! We took our friends for the day and had a blast.


We had the lovely Emma Bunton – who I interviewed here – Emma Willis and Tom & Giovanni Fletcher. Not a bad way to spend a grey Saturday eh?

The Dino zone is a huge, leafy open space, with over 30 moving replicas of multiple species from Iguanodons to Carnotaurus’ , it’s a little dino enthusiast’s dream!

So let’s cut to the chase – how much value do you get for your mullah? Entry prices below and for that you get enough fun to fill a day and then some. It’s well worth the splurge.

Adult – Inc Online Discount £21.00 £19.95
Child (2-15 yrs) – Inc Online Discount £18.50 £17.57
Senior Citizen (60yrs and over) – Inc Online Discount £17.50 £16.63
Disabled incl. carer – Inc Online Discount £16.50 £15.68

Once you’re done with the Dino’s, its time to explore the aces of parkland which house a fascinating 500+ strong menagerie and loads of activities to navigate. Mini train rides, soft play, safari golf, and a sand pit to name but a few highlights.

Who doesn’t love a cheeky meerkat?

Paradise is a lovely place, the staff are clearly immersed in the welfare of the animals – one guy had helped rear the big cats from cubs! – and the animals are superbly well looked after, most of them endangered species, rescued animals etc so not captured for our pleasure.

Then there are the live animal talks/shows and oodles of other fun stuff…

We truly love it there or I wouldn’t recommend you spend your hard earned on it so I hope you enjoy it as much as we do and let me know how you found it if you decide to go!

See you soon lovelies xx

*FULL DISCLOSURE*  We were invited to the opening of the Dinosaur Park and given complimentary AAA but it was genuinely brill and although I can’t promise you Emma Bunton turning up, I can guarantee you will have a great day out.