Seventh Generation – the way forward in household cleaning

When the kids ask to help with the cleaning, I invariably say no. Apart from being a bit of a control freak and liking things done my own way, I just worry they will squirt some nasties near their eyes or damage their cherubic delicate skin.


We have always had the obligatory child locks on the no-go zone cupboards – even still do even though my kids are now 10 and 5 – well kids can have some crazy ideas right? Regular cleaning products are just so choc full of shizzle it’s always a worry.

I try to be as environmentally friendly as I can but time and money sometimes put the kibosh on that and I plump for whatever is on special offer in Tesco BUT when Seventh Generation got in touch with me to try out their natural products, I was right up for the challenge.


My gut instinct told me that without chemicals it would be nigh on impossible to get the mucky stains out of the boys clothes that they seem to just attract the minute the pop their togs on.

Just last week they had lovely new summer outfits on and within ten minutes of arrival at pirate mini golf, my two were covered in someone else’s left behind melted chocolate! Just my two – not the other hundred or so people who were there. That’s how my two boys roll and believe me, my perma-plump washing pile can testify to that!

I gave it a go on these two pieces of clothing which had already been through a regular wash with rubbish results. No movement in these stains at all – even after using my regular tablets AND stain removal.

I genuinely didn’t hold out much hope for Seventh Gen to be the stain saviour -how could they be with no chemicals?? How does that even work?

But it came up trumps and genuinely sorted it out so I was instantly hooked!

Dominic is keen as mustard to be helpful around the house so when I finally said yes to him getting spray happy, he was delighted. I felt I could trust these products to work with us and not against my mothering instincts.

He capitalised on my softening attitude and before I knew it he was washing up. What really surprised me was that this brand suds up just like any other, if not more – that surprised me – all the bubbles but no bad stuff.


We got our jobs done in half the time working as a team and Dominic loved being able to be my helper.  I’m definitely a convert – why worry about the nasties when you can have peace of mind by going eco for a few pence more?

To bag some bargain products you can head over to and use the code GRXN7Y to bag £3 off the fab laundry range until 15th July!

If you guys fancy trying it out for yourselves, I have 5 – yeah, I know!!! – hampers of products to give away in my fab comp, all you have to do is enter via the Rafflecopter below – good luck everyone!

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