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After our recent Florida holiday, we were spoilt in the food stakes and were craving some waffles/pancakes/monster portions and where better to go in our local area but the acclaimed Waffle House in St. Albans? One of two locations in the WH family, we plumped for our nearby option.


The food here is legendary but bizarrely I had never managed to get there before. You know how it goes, make plans, sounds great, something comes up, shelve plans, repeat,hear that friends have been, get jealous! (Am I just old or is time whizzing by for everyone these days?)

Sieze the day, so they say, so, off we went the relatively short journey to St. Albans with Harry & Dominic in tow, hungry tums at the ready.


In a sleepy bolthole in deepest, darkest, historical St. Albans – third largest city of the early Romans, don’t you know! – resides the serendipity which is the Waffle House.  Surrounded by beautiful scenery, and the lovely little River Ver serving as a makeshift moat to amuse the children as they wait in line, we enjoyed the short stand in the late summer sunshine to be seated.

They don’t take booking pre-5.30pm, which annoys me as I like to plan & book, however their seating system is such that they efficiently cleared a line of around 20 people in no less than 10 minutes. A quick glance behind us was testament to it’s popularity as we easily counted around 30 deep – and it was mid afternoon! Dread to think how they cope peak-time!

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We were seated in the main body of the cavernous marquee venue within a 16th century working watermill and the soothing sun streamed in, enveloping us in a cosy glow.


So, to the food. Well, American throwback it was not. No stodge, just clean, fresh food with D-I-Y waffle-stacking options available to suit all palettes.  My two fussy wee boys tucked right in to their choices, Dominic opting for Ham & Cheese whilst Harry plumped for his favourite tuna taste.

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Me & the Mr love a bit of chilli so it was a no-brainer for us to go for this, plus I always get food envy so it’s easier for me just to copy him straight out and save myself the pain! With one caveat; he opted for the Spelt waffle whereas I went all traditional with white.  Boys got wholemeal, no choice, I pulled rank!

Topped off with organic berry smoothies & milkshakes for everyone, we scoffed the lot and had the cheek to go for pud!



Well, I can honestly say this was the perfect dessert for me, it was everything my cravings were crying out for but with a lighter twist than I’d ever had in Orlando. (Thank god says my waistline!)

‘Banoffee : Sliced banana smothered with our rich, home-made toffee sauce and sprinkled with flaked chocolate’…..the description belied the delectable delights which greeted my tastebuds! I was like a kid in a Flake shop….

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Dominic had a strawberry ice cream combo which was so loaded with crisp fresh strawbs my inner fruit-wielding maternal self was thrilled. And Harry chose a strawberry waffle fusion which he said was ‘irresistible’.

After a valiant effort we were all done so the boys headed off to take in the fish and the other surroundings with Dad while I freshened up in the unisex restrooms (oops, still got the US lingo going on!).



These are always a questionable concept and reminiscent of the Ally McBeal trend of the nineties, but thankfully my trip passed without awkward exchange. Homeward we headed with full, delighted tummies and a reserve to go back really soon!

Have you been to the Waffle House? Let me know what your fave dish was!

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