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In the last year that I’ve been blogging under my own monicker, this humble little blog has grown way faster than I could ever have hoped.  Somehow managing to amass a combined social following of over 22k, I’ve watched wide-eyed as people have come running to join me in my little corner of t’internet

This outlet enables me to write about anything and everything I like/love/loathe is my third child and I love it dearly. I still get a thrill every time I hit publish and the question ‘will anyone like it or read it’ is never far from my mind. But I get so many lovely comments, brand partnerships and so much support that it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside every time.

Now there are a lot of awards that go on in the blogging world and when I stopped blogging for brands and started up my own stand alone website, I secretly gave myself three years of a goal to establish myself before I hoped to even be mentioned in the same breath as any potential awards or recognition for my literary prowess. Sure, awards don’t define success but it sure is sweet to be appreciated!

Turns out my readers didn’t agree on my timeline, so, wonderfully, I have been nominated in the ‘MADS’ blog awards for 2016!! Only one of the top benchmarks in this flourishing industry of ours!

So I’m excited just to be nominated but since someone really cliche once said, ‘you’ve got to be in it to win it’, I feel like I should shout a bit about it and ask you all to get behind me and vote!

Vote For Me Mad Blog Awards









Now if you are feeling puzzled, scratching your head and have no idea what the MADS are all about, it’s basically the Mum and Dad Blog awards. There are zillions of parenting bloggers, awesome ones, so competition is fierce! I can’t hold a candle to most of the people nominated but I have my own little niche and I am happily beavering away at it, hoping you like what I do.

So if you click on the photo below, you go straight through to the website to vote and there are SO MANY amazing categories, so plenty to nominate your fave bloggers in their niches. I am up for BEST NEW BLOG amongst others. I literally qualified by the skin of my teeth as blogs must be 12 months old or less on the day the awards were announced – I was one year to the day!!!It is fate I tell you! and I’d be utterly thrilled if you’d take the the time to vote for me! Any categories you feel I’m right for, but especially BEST NEW BLOG right at the end. It will probably take you less than one minute of your time but it would make my day!




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