Summer soles are almost upon us people! That time of year when the pedi is perfect, the buffing begins and the toe game is strong.

Our tootsies have been squished in silence for too long, it’s now their time to glow as we let those bad boys loose in the sunshine styles that give us all a vitamin D hit and set us up for the long hot balmy days ahead (fingers crossed!)


Say what you like about shoehorning yourself into stilettos and bone crunchers, comfort and style will always win come the hazy days. Vionic’s mantra is ‘when you are comfortable, you are unstoppable’ and it’s so true!

If you haven’t heard of Vionic shoes before, it’s understandable. Not the first name to roll off the tongue for most in the UK, but I guarantee – once bitten, forever smitten.

Huge in the US, their styles are the result of innovation from experts with more letters after their name than you can shake a stick at, tried, tested and technologically invested, for our comfort and style all year round.

They launched their spring collection to a room full of loyal devotees with a fashion show which put Paris to shame in an exclusive central London venue and I was there to capture the buzz to share with you in my vlog below:

Strutting the catwalk were some of the UK top fashion influencers, showing off their favourite styles which have been gracing their IG stories, hot off the production line.

The choice is truly endless, from metallics to rhinestones, workout to weekend wow, check out some of the styles which drew the biggest fans at the show.

What makes Vionic stand feet apart from the zillions of other shoes on the market? Know how.

Natural alignment, elevated technology, orthotic approval combined with sass means you can actually look great and feel good at the same time – blisters begone! It really is a tough call to find great looking shoes with comfort built in, so when I was first introduced to Vionic, it was a revelation. These were my first pair which are still my favourites today and were so popular on my instagram posts.

This time around I’ve gone for Tawny and can’t wait to get them on with beautiful spring/summer dresses.

Hope you guys enjoyed finding out more about Vionic, or hearing more if you were already a fan.

Until next time lovelies!

*Disclaimer: This is part of a paid partnership with Vionic shoes where we had a whale of a time, and I wear their shoes regularly and with great comfort and pleasure.*