I  always wished we could have a lush, thick cream carpet throughout our home so that every step felt like walking on fluffy clouds.

But the reality with two young sons and a husband to factor into the equation, it ain’t gonna happen anytime soon!

Despite the fact we take our shoes off (most of the time!) before we bound up the stairs, there’s always that moment they ‘just need to nip up quickly and grab something in a hurry’  or ‘forget’ they had their grassy, muddy footie boots on when they just popped upstairs to look for a rare Pokemon!



So when we moved into our home, many moons ago, I clearly foresaw this and opted for a soft grey carpet. This was a compromise as it blended with my monochrome theme at the time and was still a nice soft but cosy colour which would camouflage any potential ‘accidents’!




Over time that soft, bouncy grey has inevitably withered a little, so when Ideal World said they were launching their exclusive new VAX model, the Vax Dual Power Pet Carpet Cleaner, which would be on an amazing special offer at only £69.99  I was keen to see if it could breathe new life into our floor and put it through it’s paces!

I usually book someone in to clean the carpets two or three times a year and although really well priced, it is still a saving I’d much rather make.

I’m not an instructions kinda girl – who has the time???? – so as usual with new gadgets I scanned the pictures and set to work.



It took me only about two minutes to get it out of the box and put together, which I loved as I can’t be doing with faffing around! It was light to take upstairs so I was able to pop from room to room easily without getting a sweat on as I would have expected! Once I plugged in, off I went!

Remarkably straight forward and easy to use, this little number guzzled up the grime and left me red faced at the dirt we had accumulated!!!

With twin tanks, you clean with one and the dirt is gathered in the other, so the results are clear to see – literally!

I won’t need to book someone to do this job now, it’s taken care of with this sexy little number and it will pay for itself after just a couple of uses with the saving I will make on getting a professional in.

I love it and the neighbours have already borrowed it – although they have that holy grail cream carpet I was talking, grrrr! – oh well, maybe it’s not off limits to us now after all, we have this natty new VAX!

Do you use carpet cleaners or are you desperately seeking a grime buster?

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