Nestled behind the Tate Modern, in an iconic building in Southwark, lies this buzzing, multi-faceted venue which, upon arrival strikes us as instantly Instagrammable.


All sheepskin rugs strategically placed on reclaimed wooden benches, canopied booths for hush-hush girlie chats and snaking through to a vibrant lunch/dinner venue for business and pleasure alike.



It was so chilled when we arrived at around 12.30, I wondered why as lunch hour was in motion. There was a lady looking very much the yummy mummy, feeding her baby and looking like a chic parenting advert. A few steps on, we saw a couple having an intimate chat and I thought how quiet it was. However, turn the corner past the bar area and it is all happening with Millennials on fleek, alongside friends reunited and some hardcore business deals going down.

It is a talent in itself to nurture so many different atmospheres in one venue, with neither of them impacting on each other. Gold star!



So, could the food live up to the ambiance? You bet your ass it did!



We were in a bit of a hurry – I had to get back to do the school run after mine and my friend Emma’s epic overnight to London, so we let our effortlessly efficient Polish server Kate know this and she ensured that everything ran seamlessly for us.



Our Napoli flatbread to share arrived and we exchanged ‘we will never manage all this’ glances. It was loaded and looked scrumptious! I plumped for my obligatory glass of Prosecco and Emma, who is a very good girl, chose a zero proof mocktail – a Garden Fizz – recommended by Kate.



As expected, we couldn’t quite demolish the flatbread but we gave it a good go. The heaped sundried tomatoes, the mozzarella, pesto and parmesan made for a taste sensation and we loved it.



Emma satisfied her desire for a burger and went for the Buttermilk chicken burger with chipotle mayonnaise and a side of fries. I, on the other hand, with my need for spice, chose the Thai coconut curry with chicken and basmati rice and it arrived in copper splendour, which meant we probably spent longer photographing it than it took me to eat it. Dish delish, it did not disappoint!





We literally had a cheek ordering pud but it’s rude not to when there are so many yummy options available and as perfect pudding partners do, we chose one each we would both like so we could share.




Giant chocolate orange jaffa cake for me and chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream for Em.  I think our scrummy pictures speak for themselves but let me tell you, this was ace! I am not usually a fan of orange flavoured chocolate but this was just as described and I wish I could have brought one home for the kids, I would have bagged the title of Mummy of the day for that!

On a visit to the loos, I noticed they had a private dining area – love that. Also a mixology space where they run cocktail classes – it’s all going on here! Notably, the toilets were funky too, and as we all know, the mark of a truly top place is great bathroom!

We loved The Refinery, get yourselves down there – but make sure you have loads of room in your tum because you sure will need it!

Have you been? Is it one of your faves? If you went for pudding, tell me what you went for!!!

Mummy in a Tutu