Recently, I got a lovely surprise delivery in the post of some sumptuous white personalised beach towels for the boys for our forthcoming holiday to Florida, here they are using them after a water fight in yesterday’s scorching sun, where they annihilated their poor mum and left me soggy and squelching! Harry & Dominic LOVE them, ageless and cosy,  I have a feeling they will be summer staples in our suitcases! The sweet souls at Sunuva were the kind gifters, and I’d recently attended their press launch of the fab new summer ‘15 collection.

Behind Sunuva is a savvy duo, Sabrina & Emily, who met on respective family holidays and bonded over their frustration of the lack of stylish protective beachwear available. An inspirational partnership, this pair saw a gap and filled it. As a mum of two red-headed, pale-skinned boys who are super susceptible to sunburn, I am so grateful for this collaboration, because this is a real problem, with real consequences. I’ve tried expensive brands, cheap-as-chips brands and anything in between but I hadn’t found such a stylish solution, until now. This entire swimwear range is UPF50+ and is now validated by the British Skin Foundation.



Recently, surveys carried out by Which magazine and their report on ‘Sunscreens you can trust’ showed that most of us are confused by terminology on sun protection and misleading terms on key products such as ‘waterproof’ on lotions. Studies recently showed that at least 2 young adults (aged 15-34) are diagnosed with malignant melanoma EVERY DAY in the UK, which screams to me that it’s in these early days we must protect our children to the max.  For me, that’s where Sunuva comes in, as it sure helps to look good on the outside while protecting the inside!


I knew instantly my boys would be vying for the hot dog and cheeky monkey print swim shorts whilst I would be happy with the coordinating linen shirts they could pull on while heading for lunch.  The collection is choc full of beach-chic for boys which is always a Brucie bonus as I always feel that boys suffer in the fashion stakes in the earlier years as the ratio of funky garments available is far less than that for the female demographic.


image Stockedin all the luxe establishments such as Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Fenwick etc and their outfits spotted on countless celeb offspring, I was sceptical whether this brand would live up to the hype and also if it would translate for the average, non-celebrity discerning mother. I was so pleasantly surprised to find the coolest prints, the softest of cottons and the funkiest of florals all encapsulated neatly in one formidable collection.

The range caters for 6 months to 14 years, which I think is fab, as I love a touch of matchy-matchy with my two while I can still get away with it and this age span allows for this too. There are co-ordinating bags, shoes and hats in the girls range as well as some gorgeous prints for girls, with the Feathers and Birds of Paradise prints leaving me jealous Sunuva don’t do a matching adult range – any chance ladies?

The collection can be purchased online here at Sunuva

Have you bought any of this range or their previous collections? I’d love to hear how you got on with it…..