When the first rays of summer sunshine creep through the curtains, it’s time for me to refresh the room that is my favourite one in the house.

Seasonal updates are important for me as it just keeps our home feeling fresh and modern and makes me even happier to be a homebody and snuggle up in the evenings as the summer temperatures drop for the night.

I love a white wall so there was no thought of throwing in a curveball and cracking open the Annie Sloan for me, I like the feeling of space and light white excels at, so I stuck with the formula that runs through our home.

A grey and white palette with a hint of pink or a bold black thrown in, works for me and the next project will be my spare room makeover so watch out for that.

I looked at my bedroom and wondered what I could do on a budget that would just zen out the space even more and create that relaxing environment I need pre-sleep to just wind down.

The most obvious thing we have needed for ages was a new mattress as I always have back trouble so it’s a key ingredient for a great night’s kip, which hasn’t been happening of late. Time for an update and it really was great timing that Simba Sleep – who had been top of my wish list for a long time now – wanted to collaborate, I didn’t need to think about it at all!


I had the big arrival day on my Insta stories and wow, so many DM’s about Simba – their name certainly is high on many peoples bucket list!

In actual fact, since we got ours and have loved it, the kids have been after one for their beds too after many comfy snuggles in ours, we relented, so we are now well and truly a Simba family!  I have this amazing £50 off code for you all, you are welcome! Just use this code to save:


We have a king size bed so obviously ordered that size. I wanted to get an even bigger bed when we moved here but it would have just engulfed the room and it’s a good thing we didn’t as I don’t think we’d have ever got the boys out of it if we had.

So, Simba-d up, time to dress the bed, which is one of my fave things to do. For a very long time, I’d been after some Dorma bedding from Dunelm as I always see it in store and want to sink into it! I ordered my favourite sumptuous set which I’d been eyeing for ages. The Winchester jacquard collection was always going to be the one for me – elegant, luxurious and so utterly snuggly I feel like a princess in it!

It’s not cheap but it’s certainly amazing value for money and the wow factor when it’s all newly made is value enough for me! Since I got it, I’ve literally been using it, washing and putting it straight back on as nothing else feels as nice to me at the moment. It also has a clever zip fastening which I’ve never seen before which saves the faff of those annoying buttons and I really think all duvet covers should have these!

Before I knew it, I’d also clicked a new sheepskin rug into my basket in the soft grey, as there is no lovelier feeling in the morning than to swing my legs out of bed and on to softness central. It sure helps the morning drudge get off to a good start!

Other than my foray into Dorma, all of our other bedding comes from Debenhams, as their expansive choice of ranges has always been my go to since I had my own home. Spoilt for choice with the Designers At Debenhams ranges as well as their own in house offerings, Debenhams quality lasts, I can vouch for that as I’ve had some of the sets longer than I’ve been a mother!

This time, as I had already taken care of the bedding, I knew I needed look no further than there for a luxury throw that would compliment my new bed threads and was thrilled to see they had a new one in from none other than my absolute favourite Julien Macdonald which not only was velvety soft but was covered in sparkles to boot! I LOVE it! I’ve linked it here in dusky pink –  there’s a matching cushion too if you have room for one!

I couldn’t resist throwing in this matching chunky candle which I knew would burn some gorgeous vanilla scent all over the room.

Now the next thing I had to do was declutter, the amount of stuff that grows into piles in my bedroom on a daily basis is ridiculous! PR deliveries (not complaining though!) clean clothes needing filed away, paperwork – aaargh,it’s never ending. I don’t have a clever blogger solution to that sadly, so it was just a case of cracking on with it, but my reward to myself afterwards was to light my candles and enjoy a very chilled out evening!

I added in some more pink in the form of this delightfully fragranced candle which my husband keeps nicking for his office as it’s so nice.  It’s part of a fabulous package I was sent from wax lyrical who do the most darling candles – we even took some to Center Parcs with us for the weekend which you can read all about here – this is the Darjeeling & Damask Rose – it smells divine and burns for 55 hours! I need to replenish soon as we have used them non stop and I don’t want to be without them as they whole house smells amazing thanks to these.

So that’s me all ready for Love Island in my heavenly haven, let me know which bits are your favourite and what you do to update your fave spots in your home.

Until next time lovelies xxxx