Currently, I’m going through a dehydrated patch.  I’m not polished, organised and on top of everything in my life. I’m dehydrated and raggedy and in need of a skin pick-me-up. I’ve been loving & blogging about beauty, amongst other things for a long time now, but I have got myself in a skincare product rut. Due to the demands of a business, family and a general action packed parenting life, I have barely made time for myself recently, and it is showing on my skin. Having gone through a few breakouts due to trying out new products in the past few months, I then tried to gave my skin a break, and it worked. But now I’ve turned the wrong corner and lack of skin boosting products have left my face feeling tight and sadly neglected.

Two days ago, I rummaged through my expansive beauty cupboard and just couldn’t find inspiration. I wanted something light, super nourishing and fast working. A more pure product that I wouldn’t have to worry about stressing out my smooth but parched skin. Slamming the cabinet closed, I almost gave up, but had a quick rifle through my sparkly box of bits and found this unused cute cream. I’m not a huge body shop buyer, I will be honest. It’s not luxe feeling enough for me to get excited about and although I love and support the ethics behind the brand, it just doesn’t shiver my timbers! But Vitamin E is a skincare hero,whatever way you look at it, so off with the screw top and on I plastered it.

Immediate reaction? Mmmmm! The sorbet name given to it reflects the texture, it did look good enough to slip on to a spoon! It schlooped on to my skin and sunk in immediately, I lathered it on to my neck too as that’s showing my age dramatically these days and in need of major TLC. Feeling softer, less taut and altogether more happy, I went about my daily business. I wore make up over it, I re-applied during the day to attend a business meeting, and didn’t get to wash my face til nearly midnight when I showered. Not a spot or a blemish in sight and when all traces of the day were removed, my skin felt rejuvenated and fresh once more. Now I’ve been using it religiously day and night for 8 days and can honestly say it is restoring my poor tired face to its former state (can’t say glory!) and I’m delighted with the results.

The price, at £12 for a pot which is still half full after loads of use is pretty purse friendly and there are a range of accompanying products which can be found at

I wholeheartedly endorse this product,  It’s just genuine winner and it definitely qualifies for my ‘Gingermumloves’ award for this week!

Whats your Body Shop #lusthave? Let me know and I will surely give it a try!