Salcura, a  modern heritage brand, might not be the first name that trips off the tongue when thinking of skincare, unless you are a mum of an itchy baby, in which case, it’s the holy grail.

Babies who suffer from eczema tend to have sleepless nights as a rule, which inevitably spawns new mums at the end of their tether.

The destructive cycle of endless broken nights of pain and discomfort which culminate in Mum and baby hanging by a thread by day is obliterated by those in the know, and Salcura Bioskin Junior is the answer to their prayers.


Not just for tots, the Salcura name is synonymous with relief for us grown ups too as this independently owned brand has been climbing steadily up the ranks over the last seventeen years, building a cult following amongst sufferers of eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Fast forward and today, Salcura has has gone mainstream, launching into 550 Holland & Barrett stores across the UK.

Dominic had eczema when he was small and I had what felt like endless trips to the docs to try and alleviate the itching.  We tried so many brands, purported to be the miracle cream we needed. His ended up being related to a dairy intolerance and thankfully he grew out of it fairly quickly but others I know are not so lucky, like my Godson for example, who suffers terribly from it.

Last week, I popped along to meet co-founder of the brand, Claudia Talsma, who is carrying on the family name and bringing Salcura to the masses. First founded by her late father in law, a German bio-scientist, whose vocation was to obliterate the need for parabens and synthetics in effective dermatology treatment. She proudly carries the mantle now and has case studies by the bucketload under her belt, extolling the success stories of contented, rash free folk.

This skincare solution is a combination of essential oils, vitamins A & and minerals galore.

Salcura’s Antiac range covers anyone with oily, congested or acne prone skin whilst Bioskin facilitates the dry, sensitive types, all using the principle of homeostasis – self healing to you and me – which basically translates as: feed it and it will heal.

Works for me.

Until next time lovelies.