Deep in the heart of Borough Market lies a gem of a restaurant called Roast.

It conjures up exactly what it delivers, a mouthwatering British Sunday special and a lot more besides.

We ventured into town on a chilly overcast Sunday and needed warming from the inside out. Ascending the elevator and alighting to be met with three beaming, glam ladies in pristine ivory silk blouses, the warmth from the team was all encompassing.


The short walk to the elevated dining area is punctuated with the aroma of freshly cooked yorkies and the sight of beef as tender as all hell.


An extensive kids menu brought relief from me and the husband because you just never know what kind of options will be available in a new eaterie and it makes the difference between a peaceful happy feed and a meal meltdown.

A plethora of mouth-watering options to choose from for starters, I went for Scotch egg with chorizo and picallili because I am a chorizo devourer whilst the hubby under my instructions had to choose something different so I could try a bit. He chose well with an amazing Burrata dish which consisted mainly of peaches of pleasure and was a true taste sensation!  My scotch egg had the perfect yolk and the tangy piccalilli was a fab juxtaposition.


For mains, we grown ups plumped for the full Sunday roast – -well, when in Rome! – and it did not disappoint.


As a family we all felt the roasties were just too crisp but dinner ticked every other box on our lists.

Harry was delighted to find his go-to lunch of roasted breast of chicken with mashed potato on the kids menu whilst Dominic, being a free spirit as always, opted for baby pork sausages with mashed potato and onion gravy. The kids portions were ‘just right’ size, both were unanimous on that.


Mocktails for the kids kept them happy and the sommelier became my new BFF as he chose the ripest picks from the champagne menu on my behalf and my goodness he chose well!


I tried his suggestions with a tad more enthusiasm than he is probably used to, being somewhat of a lush and I favoured white on arrival, the pink Chapel Down to go with my starter before heading on to a juicy plump red wine with my main.

It would have been rude not to get stuck into pudding since the rest of our meal had been so en pointe so got stuck into a fabulous knickerboker glory for the boys to share as it was huge and I had a warming Bramley apple, quince and sultana crumble with almonds, oats and English custard



When we arrived, it was quite subdued but by the time we left Sunday afternoon was in full swing and the atmosphere was buzzing. Clearly a hot spot round these parts!

We rolled out of Roast thoroughly satisfied on to a wonderful afternoon on the South Bank fuelled by our delicious lunch.



Next time you are Borough Market way, be sure you stop in and treat your tastebuds.


*We were invited to lunch to give our honest opinions, and that we did. It’s lush!*