If you are going to put your skin in the hands of one person, you want it to be Deborah Mitchell.

What she doesn’t know about skincare, doesn’t really need to be known. Magical fingers to the Royals, in particular the beautiful Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge no less – and who wouldn’t lust after skin that peachy?

An A-list top secret clientele and a jet set life comes from years of belief in a vision and determination to bring fabulous skin to the Heavenistas all across the world.

Heaven Skincare is probably beauty’s best kept secret as it’s not available mass market, but from specially selected stockists and their own website exclusively. (You can click straight through to their website from the box on my homepage!)

Prism Age Defiance From Heaven Skincare

The latest invention from the house of Heaven is a pot of gold in the shape of Prism Age Defiance cream which I have been lucky enough to get my little mitts on.

As you guys know, I’m Heaven’s Brand Ambassador so it’s no secret I’m a fan, but I’m also a discerning beauty lover and I have to make an unbiased decision if this product truly lives up to it’s claims, so I’ve been using it religiously to put it through it’s paces.

I’m a bit ‘peptide schmeptide’ because I don’t truly understand all the jargon surrounding face creams and the conflicting advertising we see on TV so I like to simplify it and just look for good, honest results.

The day my Prism arrived, I literally couldn’t wait to slather on the magic.

After cleansing, I applied it luxuriously on my face and to my neck – well, I need all the help I can get there too!

Let me fill you in on the science bit:


  • New ground-breaking Prism Technology
  • On contact with any light source including, UVA, UVB, Infrared & VIS (Mobiles, tablets & computers) it boosts skins natural collagen by a poly peptide production in the skin tissue on contact with light source
  • It helps to protect against sun damage
  • Protects against skin DNA damage but is not an SPF – it does this by making skin produce it’s own anti-ageing sun care
  • An anti-ageing moisturiser that helps clear spots and prevent further break outs.
  • Light and non-greasy
  • Super anti-ageing
  • 7 day repair
  • Balances your skin
  • Will help to reduce scar information
  • Will help keep your skin looking young by plumping out fine lines and wrinkles
  • Keeps water within your skin
  • Ideal as a base for make-up
  • Good for sensitive skin types
  • Works like fillers, but all over
  • Helps rosacea, acne, sun damage, pigmentation and loss of elasticity


So that’s a whole lot of goodies packed into one chic little pot.

Does it live up to it’s promise?

Well, my skin is plumper, softer, happier (that’s a thing – happy skin, right?) and my random outbreaks I’d been struggling with have evened out. I feel so regretful that I haven’t been kinder to my skin from a young age as I feel it has definitely taken it’s toll lately.

Prism Age Defiance From Heaven Skincare

Enter Prism and I’m putting my trust in the brand that has come to my skin rescue in recent years and made a world of difference.

I cleanse thoroughly using my Heaven products then wear it night and/or day for best results. To really pump up the plump, I have been known to finish off with my Bee Venom Mask which you can read all about here.

With the built in DNA protection (not a sub for and SPF though guys!) I feel secure that my skin is being protected from ongoing sun damage.

My verdict? I love it, I’m looking forward to seeing the long term benefits but so far I am loving it.

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