Chase is ALWAYS on the case in our house! Who am I talking about? Well, any parent of pre-schoolers who are into Nick Jr will know immediately!

Those little pups saving the day daily on Paw Patrol are EVERYTHING to Dominic right now! He has his crazy little game of ‘pretend I am Marshall Mummy and tell me what I should save’ which cracks me up and he is adorable in his PP dressing up outfit (well I think he is and that’s all that counts!)



Both of my boys have a bit of an obsession with receiving post too, so their grandparents regularly send them little notes and parcels via snail mail, for the thrill of seeing their own letters come through the door.

So when Egmont asked if we’d like to review the new Paw Patrol magazine, I knew Dominic would be doubly thrilled, not only for his own magazine sub  popping through the door, but his all-time faves too! Zuma, Chase,  Marshall, Skye, Rubble, Rocky and Everest were in glorious full colour and sparking their imaginations with the glossy pages of the mag.



We made a little vlog of our experience with the mag and D insisted on dressing for the occasion! Enjoy!

So the fab freebies on the front of mags are both wonderful and woeful for me. Why woeful???? Well, they are the the diamonds which attract my little magpies eyes every time we are in a shop – usually when I need to just rush in, buy one thing and exit fast – BUT no sweat this time though as it was direct our door and Dominic couldn’t wait to rip open his treats. The sturdy colourful Chase headband hat, play torch and official Paw Patrol police badge delighted Dominic and they haven’t been far from his side ever since.



Harry couldn’t help but get in on the act. He loves helping his brother with puzzles and drawings anyway, so when Dominic asked him if he’d like to join in, he jumped at it.

It was lovely to watch them interacting, as though there were fewer than their 5 years between them. They enjoyed the magazine puzzles, stories and stickers alike.



The highlight though, was a fabulous brightly coloured alphabet poster pull-out which was absolutely perfect for Dominic’s stage of learning right now. It was actually double sided with a colour wheel on the reverse. He spent such a long time going through it with Harry, singing the alphabet song (badly!) and just generally enjoying the beauty of language through the fun facade of Paw Patrol.


The kids (especially Mr. Too-cool-for-school 9 year old!) loved this magazine and considering it was packed choc-full of activities, fun ideas, stories, stickers and educational content, it was fantastic value for money.


Who is your child’s fave Paw Patrol character? Do you think they would enjoy the magazine?


*this is a collaborative post

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