Perfection Solutions Christmas Party Dresses & Win £100 Party Bundle!


I love a party! The social slice of my life pie chart is usually quite full as my friends contribute to a huge part of my happiness and we love an excuse to get together and let our hair down, so when the festive season rolls around, it’s a brilliant reason to get our glad rags on and go for it.

Only trouble is, I always find myself falling in love with dresses which don’t sit properly on me or need a bit of help in the uplift department, and with a busy life of work, home and family, I never seem to have the right kit to hand when I’m getting ready like a crazed hyena, 5 minutes before the cab picks me up!



When Perfection secrets got in touch about their huge range of fashion fixes for the party season and all year round revelry, it was a eureka moment!

No more would I need to suffer the humiliation of droopy boobs or and blistered back foot, I’m party ready!

Perfection Solutions Christmas Party Dresses & Win £100 Party Bundle!


I am known for my obsession with pretty shoes, whether they fit me or not. come Boxing Day I’m in that queue for Selfridges sale and whatever sparkles the brightest claims my Christmas dosh.

Unfortunately when I get them home, I inevitably find that they pinch, squeeze or rub so much that they end up gathering in my beautiful shoe home, boxed and proud, but sadly, rarely- worn.

However, that’s all about to change as I have the solution ladies! (I know you blokes get sore feet to but unless you are rocking a stiletto to the office every day, we women excel in this field I’m sure)

Perfection Solutions Christmas Party Dresses & Win £100 Party Bundle!


When my delivery of goodies arrived from Perfection, I immediately went for my most loved, least worn shoes – my beloved Louis Vuitton flats and my Jimmy Choo sparkle specials. You’d think that flat shoes wouldn’t be the issue but they can actually be the worst!

So I popped in the heel healers (can you even spot them in the pic?) and tried these LVs out for the day – last time I wore them my heels were cut to ribbons and I limped home with my pride in shreds.

This time, I wore them for a busy press day in London with jeans and nothing between me and the possibility of pure agony except these secret weapons and braced myself for the worst. Nada. Zip. I am not joking, it they totally kept the pain at bay!



Thinking this couldn’t really be the simple solution to all my problems, I gave the Choos a go. Because the leather and patent trim around them is harder than my butter soft cream ones, these rub in two places – usually! I stuck one on each hurty hot spot and crossed my fingers. voila! I just gained another pair of beauties to add to my everyday collection!

So, shoes sorted, I had to get to grips with my dress dilemmas and my biggest issue is how not not have bra straps showing on a dress that is meant to showcase my back.
I know there are a million options out there but that is actually problem for me as I can’t be doing with buying loads of options to try and sort the wheat from the chaff – us party girls are busy people!!!


Secret straps worked a treat as you can see form this gorgeous silver number from River Island. It gave me support but was invisible from every angle- just what I needed.






I tried out a sumptuous velvet top – again from my high street faves River Island – where I needed a bit of oomph in the cleavage department to make sure the flock fell properly so I popped in the chicken fillets from Perfection for an enhancing boost and Bob was my Uncle!

This was also my opportunity to Gok up the top a bit so that – God forbid – no-one else could turn up wearing the same as me. I simply slipped on the Perfection bejewelled bra straps and made the top my own – as Louis Walsh would say!






This dress has been in my wardrobe for five years!!! Still had tags on, and the reason I have never worn it is I just couldn’t decide if it was chic enough – what do you think guys? Actually, since using it for this shoot, I absolutely love it!

I used the Secret Straps, hide away bra straps with a clever combination of clips and converters to give you a polished, seamless look every time!

Since I posted a teaser pic of this post on Instagram, EVERYONE has been asking about this dress, well the back of it specifically. I simply wore my necklace backwards to fill the space and create a dramatic waterfall effect. I do this loads, getting my Gok Wan on, did you see my pic of us on my Instagram?? Love him!!! – try it out with your jewellery and let me know if it works for you!

So those lovelies at Perfection  have offered up a lovely prize to get us party ready this Christmas. You can win a bumper pack of Perfection goodies worth £50 AND a £50 voucher from Pretty Little Things to spend online – wow! 

You guys know what to do by now! Head to the Rafflecopter below & good luck!

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*Disclosure this is a collaborative post but all views and opinions are my own