Paris House - A Taste Sensation In Woburn, Bedfordshire

Paris House is a much revered restaurant round these parts. The kind boasted proudly and loudly when going for a celebratory meal there, as it is for sure, a fancy pants destination.

Set in the vast expanse of the Woburn estate, this Victorian Tudor style building is not only Insta worthy to the max, but packed to the rafters with ye olde worlde character and charm.

Paris House - A Taste Sensation In Woburn, Bedfordshire

I’ve been there once before, I had been desperate to try it out and whilst we had a ‘nice night’ – damning with faint praise there but being honest – it was nothing to wrote home about. A bit emperors new clothes at the time. My latest visit however, was a whole different ball game. I’ve been around a fair few restaurants so the bar is set pretty high.

Fast forward and now Paris House is fully under the care of owner Phil Fanning, the past five years has seen him lace the menu with his innovative creativity, conjuring up taste menus of brilliance and delectation.

British cuisine with a Far Eastern influence reigns heavily on his dishes, which delighted me personally, each carefully curated dish delish, which made our tastebuds sit up and take notice and not once did anything disappoint.

We were appointed the chef’s table, partly because the restaurant was typically booked out and also so we could be in the thick of the real action, a bit of real-life reality celeb chef TV to accompany our dining experience.


Admittedly, it was inspired placement because the thrill of watching the master at work, churning out plate after plate of exquisitely dished delights was an educational insight to the workings of this Michelin recommended establishment.

Balsamic butter and marmite butter combo, the likes of which I’d never even thought of before, was the perfect taste to kick off our culinary journey for the evening.

Paris House - A Taste Sensation In Woburn, Bedfordshire


Kicking off with Ceviche, a pomelo, white asparagus and salty fingers extravaganza. Followed shortly after by silken tofu, or softshell tempura.

Paris House - A Taste Sensation In Woburn, Bedfordshire







A feather light little dumpling made from wheat and potato starch was a keen indication we were in for something out of the ordinary with this meal.

Paris House - A Taste Sensation In Woburn, Bedfordshire


Next was a particularly succulent duck liver framed with pomegranate and ginger bread


My favourite course was the Hogget, vegetarians look away now…! With an escabeche of carrots, peas and olive.


The fusion of flavours was tantalising and I would happily have gone for that on repeat. The Monkfish was to die for, according to my dining companion!

Our trio of desserts left a delicious taste in our mouths, treated to mango, then rhubarb with baked custard and topped off with a coconut and pineapple delight, we certainly put our palettes through their paces.



Before we nodded off and clocked out for the night, mini macaron were the finishing touch with one or two for the road.

Accompanied with the finest of wines, it’s no wonder Paris House is the go to venue for a first class fine dining experience.

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