Over the summer holidays, we enjoyed a huge variety of days out & activities, threw in a spectacular family holiday and not to mention relished the opportunity to spend quality, relaxing time with close friends & loved ones. My one pet hate through this glorious time, was sun cream (I can hear you all groaning at the mere mention of the word!) which is a necessity but also one of the world’s biggest parenting pains!


As a mum of two incredibly fair-skinned children, susceptible to sunburn even on the cloudiest of days, it’s an ongoing battle through the balmy months to make sure they are suitably safe from those predatory UV rays, smiling down on them greedily, ready to pounce at the first opportunity.



My secret weapon is a UV50+ protective outfit, which dramatically reduces the areas I need to cover in the sticky, sweaty mess that is sun protection. At least then, I only have to negotiate those areas left exposed and the thrice daily sun cream application battle lessens! I was startled to discover that Melanoma is now the most common cancer in young people aged between 12-24 years, such a scary thought and makes it worth all the precautions we as parents take, to try and stave of this deadly threat. I love that these clothes are validated by the British Skin Foundation too & it gives me further peace of mind.


My boys love nothing more than water-based activities and with this comes the need for quality, durable swimwear. I previously reviewed the ethos behind celeb-favourite brand Sunuva and you can read that here. But nothing compares to a hands-on test of strength & endurance of a product, brought about by the wear and tear incurred when two eager boys bounding with energy get their hands on it!

Sunuva, which is a best-seller in swanky kids departments in Harrods & Harvey Nicks among others, kindly sent me some beautiful outfits for the boys to put through their paces and give it the true life test. I love that the brand was created by mums and ticks the trendy box as well as the safety one. Dominic opted for the Cheeky Monkey print which was highly appropriate and well chosen, whilst Harry, being that bit older at 9, felt he needed the cooler cred of the Hot Dog style.


We have put these togs through the mill! Bouncing on their bottoms down countless water slides in Orlando, thrashing through rapids, jumping through jet sprays & lolling down lazy rivers.

12015132_10154192007960744_5840848062651229492_oBack home, they have been staples for splash parks, paddling pools, Sunday swims with Daddy (which get very crazy with lots of human surfboarding going on!) and  even chilling out playing the football table whilst donning their ‘comfies’.


So, are these Sunuva specials still in one piece? I’m happy to say after rigorous testing and many a hot wash cycle, they still look good as new. It’s easy to use cheap, throwaway fashion these days but for longevity, quality really counts and I will be able to use these through til next year and beyond. It will be lovely when Dominic grows into Harry’s old ones, then its time for Hot Dog take two. I love it when I go for a rummage in the loft for clothes I’ve saved and find old favourites again, its a lovely moment, bringing back special memories and makes me feel all fuzzy inside.

The great news is the Sunuva sale is now on and I’m stocking up for next summer, because we all know when it comes to school holidays, there are never any bargains to be had!

Sunuva have asked the public to vote for their #sunuvastar, the next stars of their new photoshoot and everyone who casts a vote is in with a chance to win their own £100 to spend on the website! There are only two more days to enter, so go ahead here and choose your fave, you might be walking away with your own spending spree!


So who did you vote for? Its so hard to choose from the gorgeous entrants! If you have any tips on making it easier to get your kids to apply sunscreen, please share!!!