I am regularly surrounded by beauty goodies. Fortunate enough to be gifted lots of amazing, innovative products to try out for the blog, I love a bit of experimenting with new launches and updates on classic household names.

My mum is on permanent beauty overload, she gives me the nod on the latest must-haves and she can reel off the week’s lineup of today’s special value on QVC at any given time. Over the years she has given me so many books on the subject and the heads-up on the newest, coolest finds that I really should listen to her more and then might have found my perfect skincare solution sooner.


But I don’t listen to my mother enough, so all on my very own, I discovered my miracle treatment for my ageing, spot prone skin which has pretty much rejuvenated my exhausted face (2 kids, ’nuff said!) . I happened to meet a super-enthusiastic, glamorous lady at the Big Blogger Conference who I instantly warmed to. She had an obvious, glowing pride in her products and was all about the effects. I thought I’d found a little known, organic face-pleaser and was quite chuffed with myself, but then BOOM! I realise I’d tapped into what was actually already a global brand with very prestigious reputation and a tried and tested legacy that speaks for itself. How had I never heard of them until then? Now, often the huge scale of it could turn me right off, because I never know whether to believe the hype or not as I’m quite jaded by all the big-bucks advertising that often pushes us toward particular stuff on the shelves. Quite the contrary though, the brand has retained its exclusivity by never going mass-market and each client gets their own little slice of Heaven.


Heaven Skincare is a fiercely protected brand, only available through their own website, high end spas and the odd luxury beauty retreat. Deborah Mitchell is a savvy, hands-on businesswomen who treats everyone she meets as royally as her VIP client list. She is not just the face of the brand, she IS the brand. Her working class values transcend to the ethos of her worldwide, cult status product range. I love that she literally dreamt up her multi-million pound empire one night, using her beautician experience and knowledge gleaned from her bee-keeping sister! Bee venom became the key to her incredible success.

She is now an official ‘guardian of the bees’, because – as well as donating a percentage of her profits to bee charities – the way that she extracts the venom actually saves their lives.

‘We release a small electrical current through a pane of glass that causes the bees no harm but encourages them to sting the glass, depositing their venom. When a bee stings a person, the stinger gets released into the flesh, causing the bee to die. But when they sting glass, the stinger can’t come out because it’s too hard, but their brain tells them they’ve stung, and so not to sting again.  So they live. We are giving old age to bees! Then we just scrape the venom off the glass.’

Sounds easy, right?


My personal favourite from her extensive list of product options is the bee venom mask, which doubles as a moisturiser. Choc full of the patented secret concoction which is the key to Heaven’s success, the ABEETOXIN®,  these masks revive the skin and also can be used twice a day in a small quantity to give instant smoothness and lift.


The jewel in the Queen Bee’s crown is the Gold Bee Venom Mask, which is an eye-popping £352 per pot, but as there are only 500 made in the world, and no one is allowed to purchase more than one, you can see why people are dying to get there hands on it! Maybe one day….

Now usually in a review I’d go into every product in-depth but today I’ve focused more on the woman behind the brand. The reason for this is that I love an empowering success story and I need to truly believe in the products I invest my hard-earned mullah in. Deborah epitomises glamour, her skin glows and she oozes a youthful enthusiasm. A short time in her company and you have this belief that anything is possible.  If it’s good enough for the Royals, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kylie & Danni Minogue amongst countless others, it’s good enough for me!

I’m so excited that Heaven want to team up with me to give away one of their amazing Christmas gift sets, sure to make anyone’s Christmas perfect! Simply enter below to win!

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Have you tried any of Heaven’s angelic skincare range? Which is your favourite?