When Christmas rolls around once more – and crazily quickly this year, am I right??? – the biggest headache of all for me is what to buy them menfolk on my list.

I literally dread it and those darned menfolk are multiplying year on year as new additions in the love stakes join the family.

I cant bear crappy gifting just for the sake of it so I need to get inventive every year and  this is what I’ve come up with this festive season.



First off, they all have to shave, or groom if they are embracing the bearded trend, so a pretty safe bet is a gift set from  trendy and practical Bluebeards Revenge. They have a large array of award-winning options for that stubbly stud in your life.





Next up, who doesn’t love a beer? Well give ’em a variety with this funky collection from  Best Of British Beer on Not On The High Street and they will be an expert on ales in no time.  A selection handpicked from award winning microbreweries so you are guaranteed rare, hard to find beers. Each box contains 6 x 500ml British Beers, pub quiz and tasting notes. The first box also contains details of how the club works and a Best of British Beer glass, specially commissioned for bottled beers.




I know it’s a cliche but you genuinely can’t beat a cosy winter jumper so for the snuggle factor alone, I love to gift a great one from the Chums website. I have a dad and a father-in-law to buy for, so this was a great one for shopping for the more mature gent. As I was browsing, at the same time though I found some trousers absolutely perfect for my hill-walking hubby – double whammy!




For your fit bit, keep him post-gym packed with this heart high-fiving gift from Yumbles. I love this ‘Hungry Caveman’s Paleo Snack Hamper Gift Box’ as they get to graze on a variety of goodies which help keep them lean and happy all at the same time. 






If your guy is a greenie and loves to do his bit for Mother Nature, splash out on a chic wooden watch to keep his time ecologically sound with a new classic timepiece from Jord Watches. Keep nature close to his cuffs and smarten up his wrist with one from their fab range of options.






So that’s yer lot…I told you it was hard…other than socks, pjs, ties, cuff links, key rings, phone cases, clothes and digital, these 5 will sort you out this year.

Do you hate buying for men or are you a gift genie? What’s your recommendations for the brawny bunch?