In my old age, I’ve become a right cynic – I’ve seen such BS on social media, people clamouring to fly the flag for the on trend charity, folk who slink away from support unless there’s a photo opp in it for them and a byline in the press.

So it’s rare that I go all fan girl over anyone these days, but this is the third time I’ve felt compelled to write about this woman, the first time I did an interview, second time I didn’t want you guys to get bored with me banging on again so I left it, but this time, I need to say what needs to be said.

Karen Betts rocks. Fact.

Who is she? Well, if you haven’t read my interview with her here, it’s a slap on the wrist for you. If you just want to fast track and get the lowdown quicktime, let me give you a synopsis.

She is the down to earth Northern lass who works her butt of and has brought us game changers like Microblading, Nouveau Lashes, HD Brows – yes, she did!

She is one of the most savvy businesswomen I know, she pioneers the things we natter about over a glass of Pinot but she silently does shedloads for good causes and charities that most of us never know about. Until now.

I just really want to shout her out.

A woman who earns her fortune by beautifying those who can afford it, but who also divvies up her time between that and giving back to the world tenfold.

About a year ago, I was invited to an intimate event for Cancer Awareness Week and at the helm was our Karen, talking about the importance of making cancer survivors and people who most need it, feel their very best, whatever it takes.

Fast forward a year and she is still giving her time and skills to treat those who are most deserving.

I posted about her upcoming event on my insta and was overwhelmed by the amount of deserving people mentioned there.

Last week, I zipped into town (not many could tempt me from my MK home on a weeknight, mid Easter holidays but I got the invite and I didn’t think twice) off to the Sanderson Hotel in London to see the results of a VIP day for four incredibly special ladies, being treated to the day of their lives.

We saw four women with amazing stories, literally ooze empowerment, testament to Karen’s skills and her belief in them. It was a really moving evening but as always when in Karen’s company, great fun.



Post VIP pamper, we were fortunate enough to spend the evening with Karen’s crew. Life inspiration in the form of Alex lewis – I guarantee if you watch his journey here you will be reduced to a quivering wreck – who Karen treated extensively, free of charge because Alex’s son’s story touched her heart.

I don’t know how this man, a quadruple amputee, gives so much back to others, when so much has been taken from him, but I was honoured to hear him speakĀ  (about Karen’s work and kindness), heck, I felt privileged just to be in the same room as this guy!


The legend that is Katie Piper – is there anyone who doesn’t know who Katie is? – hosted the event and I’m sure I’m not alone in confessing that I always just stare at her beautiful face, being continually amazed at what technology, skill and inner confidence can achieve.

Just a little post to shine a light on someone special, hope you’ve enjoyed.

Until next time lovelies xxx