You may have noticed recently I announced on my social media that we were appointed JCB Brand Ambassadors.

This was an offer we couldn’t refuse because I think if I had, Dominic would never have forgiven me! He is digger mad, like millions of his peers and but not just any old diggers will do!

He has long been drawn to the aesthetics of JCB Explore with their eye-pleasing colours and attractive characteristics since day one, so we have a house littered with the blighters!

Hand in hand with being a BA, comes the product reviews as you can’t put your name to something you don’t truly enjoy or appreciate – well, we don’t anyway – so when a bumper cherry-picked delivery arrived for Dominic’s critique, he went into full kid blogger mode. I was loving the smart new polo shirt!

JCB Brand Ambassadors - Polo shirt

Putting the triple trucks through their paces, he disappeared into a world of role play I can only dream of and set about creating his own mini Diggerland in our lounge. It’s the trio of ‘My First Diggers’ – which for Dominic these were not – but who is going to split hairs when there are a pair of delighted eyes eager to get cracking with them? I toddled off and set about cooking dinner, put the washing on and sent some texts and he was still hard at it when I walked back in to check on him.

Added to his world was the building site set which fuelled his imagination even further, he had it all going on and announced that these were the barrier for the city and the diggers needed to make an extra lane on the surrounding motorway – definitely an M1 kid!

Once he’d had a scan, I nabbed the Digger Differences  sticker activity book for the car – a lifesaver in long journey situations and restaurants etc but I couldn’t prise the mega Machines one from him so had to save that swipe for when he went to bed that night.

He is a very happy chappie with his new toys and threads and although I thought the Diggers might be a little young for him, it just goes to show that I know nothing as he couldn’t have been happier with them.

Clearly you are never too old to love a digger!

Are your kids into JCB? Or do they just love any transport related toys? What’s your favourite from our little plethora of goodies?