The latest Diary Of A Wimpy Kid book dropped this week to squeals of delight from kids all over the world and mine were no different. Here, I interview the creator of the incredibly popular best selling series and give you the heads up on the latest book.
Jeff, what was the inspiration behind this latest book? 
I like to explore every different aspect of childhood in my books, and for this one, I 
wanted to write about airplane travel and the resort experience. It was something 
totally new for me. The Heffleys’ world is usually very small. 
Have you found yourself in any sticky Wimpy Kid situations? 
I’ve travelled all over the world for my books, and I’m a picky eater. Recently I 
travelled to a place where everything on the dinner menu was… let’s just say, 
Do you find it difficult to find new angles for Greg Heffley – and how did your most 
popular character get his name? 
It’s always a challenge to come up with new material for my Wimpy Kid books. But 
childhood is a big universe, and I don’t think I’ll ever hit a dead end. I came up with 
the name “Greg” because my parents ALMOST named each of their sons Greg…but 
never did! 
Which has been your favourite Wimpy Kid book to date and why? 
 I like The Long Haul because I think it’s my best-written book. But the first book will 
always hold a special place in my heart, because before that one, I was just a 
person hoping to get published one day. 
You originally wanted to be a cartoonist – what advice would you give to older 
children who are trying to find their vocation? 
I’d encourage kids to follow their interests, wherever those interests take them. The 
closer you are to your purpose, the happier you’ll be in life. But you can’t discover 
your purpose unless you’re open-minded and try new things! 
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - interview With Jeff Kinney
We were fortunate enough to be sent advanced copies of Jeff’s latest book and the boys devoured it – well, Dominic slightly more slowly! At five he is a keen reader and is now truly discovering the joys of the written word as it has begun to flow more easily for him. The illustrations as well as being comic genius are a huge bonus for the early readers.
Diary Of A Wimpy Kid - interview With Jeff Kinney
Harry (11) is a long time fan of Greg Heffley and is loving that this new book touches on things we have done as a family albeit slight less fun than Greg’s adventures!
Harry says this book has all the elements of the things he loves about the Wimpy Kid series but loves that there is so much new stuff which he and his friends are into and more importantly it still has all the Lols!
Diary of A Wimpy Kid – The Getaway – is out on now –  you can buy it here