A stunning, unique handmade baby bunny soap by Sunshine & Baby Showers

Sometimes, there is no more fulfilling feeling than doing a nice thing for someone.

Last week, I had the opportunity to experience just that & throw a surprise baby shower for my glowing, heavily pregnant friend Jane. We met when she moved into my street, at a time when I thought I was choc-a-bloc with all the mates I could handle and just sprinkled some of her unique blend of sparkles over me and we have been great friends ever since.


With a kind-hearted, loving and open personality, Jane always has time and understanding for others. So it was my absolute pleasure, along with some other really gorgeous people in my life, to organise a fabulous surprise for the lady herself.

This imminent bundle of joy will be her second child, annoyingly she hasn’t found out which flavour this baby will be. Lovely for Jane and her husband, but really puts a spanner in the works in baby-shower organisation! Thanks Jane!

Seriously though, what a special surprise she will have. I found out with both of my boys because I was heart-set on having girls, in fact I felt sure a daughter was my destiny – how wrong I was! Wouldn’t change it for the world now but I knew I’d need time to get my head around the concept of this girly-girl being surrounded by boys for the rest of my life! So at my much anticipated 20-week scans, I was chomping at the bit to find out which colour of changing bag I’d be buying! Also, I am a planner, so I needed to get sorted, pre-baby!

Organising an on-trend gender-neutral baby shower was a little trickier than I had imagined but I accepted my mission and gave it my all.

So, it turns out lemon, white and mint green does actually make for a great party combination and I started with balloons as of course, every great party needs some.





Couldn’t resist a bit of pink and blue in there though and I got my fix in the shape of these helium numbers from good old reliable Clintons.

12052509_10154247924850744_1571752042188374458_o (1)

The additional decor inspiration came from Pinterest (natch!) although these balloons were a smidge large for my desired effect. Did the job though, cheers Pinterest!


The party table was adorned with baby themed trinkets and soaps as well as all the goodies for the guest of honour. We all went squiffy for these adorable soaps from Lisa at Sunshine & Baby Showers so realistic it was scary but we all wanted to get our hands on one!

We all chipped in and got the mama-to-be an obligatory Mamas & Papas voucher & also John Lewis, this pretty much covers all bases, we reckon. Jane enjoyed some stunning gifts, where we tried to steer clear of the run-of-the-mill with quirky & practical options.


The talking point of the evening was this fabulous box of tricks from ‘Death To Flowers’ which had a treat for baby & mummy alike.


Tinkly lullaby music maker and eye-catching carrot rattle for baby, whilst Jane was treated to soothing creams, bath bombs and luxury chocolate to make her feel special and encourage some much needed relaxation. This will last way longer than any bouquet and benefit mummy so much more!


Hampers By Lucy was my must have gift. Lucy’s handmade gifts are the epitome of chic and she lovingly collates the right mix of necessity & pampering within for every occasion.


Multi-award winning and it’s no wonder, filled with new baby essentials & cute treats, we absolutely loved this eye-catching centrepiece.


We played lots of baby-themed games, including baby bingo & guess the name/weight/sex etc and enjoyed virgin & alcoholic cocktails in these Pinterest-worthy jam jars, courtesy of Adele at Nutmeg Wall Stickers – our gorgeous, creative friend & highly successful businesswoman.




We loved these quirky ice cubes with mini-babies inside which, when melted, prompts the bearer to shout ‘My waters have broken’ and duly wins a prize!


Sweet treats came from Love Little Treats who I discovered on Twitter and am constantly treated to tempting, mouth-watering pics on their Facebook page! We had their handmade lollies and nibbles and the chocolate burst on biting into these was sooo naughty, we absolutely loved them. They can create a chocolate infusion for any occasion, I’m a huge fan.

12087163_10154246219530744_1205810910972579821_o (1)

Prosecco was flowing, as well as the virgin cocktails and nibbles came in the shape of Nicky’s dip – secret recipe originating from Hong Kong – a staple at every party I go to these days!


It’s super spicy and filling and means you can go light on the other savouries – who knows it may even give baby a push along! Best served with crudites and crisps, you can get in on the ‘secret’ recipe shortly on the blog!

Summer Infant is a beloved brand I used when my boys were babies as I bought so many of their products, so it was a no-brainer when it came to this occasion that Jane’s bump needed some too!




She loved this oh-so-cute Slumber Buddy which projects entrancing light to the nursery ceiling for baby whilst playing soothing lullabies, for maximum relaxation for the little ones.



87286_SwaddlePod Grey Dot and White Star 2pk_HiRes_Product

We also couldn’t resist these essential SwaddleMe SwaddlePods which as every new parent knows, is so key to keeping baby feeling secure during sleep and recreating the feeling of the womb. Sleeping baby = sleeping mummy and we all know how invaluable that is!


With the last of the buttercream cupcakes scoffed and having drunk the Prosecco dry, it was time to take our sleepy, sober mummy-to-be homeward, balloons and gifts in hand.


No tipsy guest left empty handed with a cuter-than-cute personalised unique baby soap from Sunshine & Baby Showers and a hand-wrapped luxury chocolate treat for the journey home.

Summer Infant have kindly offered you all the chance to win your own set of two Swaddle Me for your baby, enter via the rafflecopter draw below. Comp ends 10th November. Good Luck!

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Have you thrown a baby shower or are due to sometime soon? I’d love to swap ideas!


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