It’s time!!!!!!

Finally – FINALLY!! The sun is shining of a morning and the upcoming weekend is set to sizzle! (That def sounded like a tabloid headline from the eighties – my bad!) It might last, who knows?

I couldn’t be waiting around for the weather to make up its mind and keep a steady temperature – by that time all the best summer frocks will be sold out nationwide and I will be crying into my iced macchiato so I’ve gone for it, bagged some crackers and today I’m going to share them with you so you can grab ’em before they go!

First up, my dream dress, all the silky feels and floral fancies. A really affordable head turner from good old M&S who, as we all know really do roll out the corkers from season to season. Think Autumn/Winter galaxy dress – you remember the frustration of the sold out online loop right?

Well, I predict a riot for this one. What do you think?



I opted for a size 10 and crossed my fingers. Turns out I was in luck as the cut was made for a real life, prosecco and cake loving body shape and not a model silhouette. at £64.99 it’s a great value frock, easy care and easy wear.

I rocked it in West London on a trip to Peggy Porschens and around Ebury Street for a nice shoot to show it off for  you, so you can size up whether it’s for you or not.

I wore it with my new fav espadrilles from Vionic which were a gift but you can get some here.  Please do excuse my veiny old lady feet!

Now, as every redhead knows, it’s got to be green for a flattering look every time. I found this Topshop dress on special offer at £35 in the Oxford Circus branch and knew I was in for the win.



The shape of the back is darling, even though I didn’t realise til quite late on that it had a button and was not meant to flap in the wind – oops! Much better once I realised.

Super soft brushed cotton, this feels like wearing a right comfy nightie but looks like you are all dressed up with places to go, just how I like it. Fortuitously I had these wedges from Crocs that they gifted me a couple of years back and they were the ideal match for the frock. Now sold out but loads of lovely alternatives available.

The dress has a sneaky side split but it’s not too high so even I could get away with it!

We stayed at the Intercontinental at the O2 and the place was an Instagram dream! Full post on that gorgeous venue on its way!

Rocking the frock in the bar I got lots of compliments on it and I felt so comfortable wearing it, it’s a keeper for sure.

Whilst I was in Topshop, I bagged this delicate little frock, another £35 cracker. I LOVE the straps, so sexy and summery!  I remember the days when my back was tiny and it was my best feature – not so much these days but hey ho, this dress flattered nonetheless.

A pair of Spanx wouldn’t have gone amiss though as it’s unforgiving on the tum but as I’m mid health kick in time for full on summer I reckon I will be ok! And breathe….!

So once I navigated the spaghetti strap roulette of getting it over my head it fell beautifully like one of those silky nighties that you wish you could wear out, except with this you can.


I couldn’t wear a bra with it due to the strappage – is that even a word? – but I got away with it as I’m not overly well endowed in that department sadly.

I loved the little ripples of the material as I moved in it, definitely a dress for Henley Regatta or a summer wedding. It has a little floral flamenco vibe to it which was cute and I loved the shape that created.

My final offering for you eager shoppers was a last minute grab as I waited at the checkout in New Look. It was maxi – tick – it was  floral – tick – and it was halter without revealing sideboob – tick!

Utter bargain at a mere £29.99!


In the bag it went and I was delighted to find it fitted like a floral fingerless glove where it mattered most. With the added detail of a tie bow back, it adds extra adornment to take the eye away from the junk in my trunk!

Oozing comfort as well as girlish charm, at £24.99 it was a mega bargain and I knew I was lucky to get my hands on it as it will not hang around long!


The waist is cinched in with this criss cross effect band so I was really pleased to find a waistline without the need to nip with the bloggers best friend, the Gucci belt!

So these  were my faves, hope you love them, I will be doing a big summer dress wish list soon too so keep your sunglasses peeled for that soon!

Until next time my lovelies!