This morning when we sleepily ambled downstairs, ready for the final school run before Easter, we stumbled into the kitchen to find it resplendent in sparkles and sunshine. I am a shimmer freak and have strategically placed vases and the like to reflect the morning rays in the season of sunshine and today did not disappoint.

One of my favourite Brucie bonuses of sunnier weather and warmer days is that the kids tastes in food change – not necessary the comfort food of a bitter winter – no, it is finally acceptable to be snacking on fruit salad once more and a bit of greenery in the lunchbox does not provoke a full on floor-hugging tantrum! Woohoo, thank you Summer!

One thing I always manage to infuse the kids with is fresh orange juice – thankfully that’s not a difficult one as they love it and I do think thats down to the mahoooooosive quantities of it I consumed during both pregnancies – that and Galaxy caramels which explains why the both have a sweet tooth -oops!

O.J. is our fave – not the Simpson variety mind! – and the boys’ fave thing to do with it other than swig it down au naturel is to make it into scrumptious ice lollies. Suits me to a tee because for this crappy crafter and short cut mum, there is no skill or talent required and virtually no mess if I leave the kids to it – result!

I take the children’s food and drink very seriously, always trying to puree as many veggies into their dishes as I can, making most things from scratch, limiting their sugar intake and the like.

It’s a real juggle in this modern day – everywhere we look we are bombarded with saccharin overload and kid-targeted snacks galore.

My family always go on at me for being ‘strict’ but I only have the boys best interests at heart and when the dentist gives them a big thumbs up, I feel it’s all been worthwhile.  We had out 6-monthly check up yesterday in fact and the dentist re-iterated what I always tell them so was feeling a bit smug after that.

Fact is, it’s my job to make sure they get the best and that’s why its so helpful that they love things like fresh orange juice and I’m thrilled that the boys are opening up to so many more tastes as they get older, especially fish and various vegetables. One day I finally I might be able to relax a little as they find their own way to good health. I recently read kids should be having 10 a day, not the tagline 5 that we all talk about – Jeez, that would be hard but thank goodness for their love of juice! A 150ml glass a day provides one of those portions.

Real fruit juice is perfect as part of a healthy, balanced diet. It is a good source of vitamin C, potassium and folates, amongst other nutrients.

Vitamin C is essential for a healthy immune system, potassium and folates help with cell
and muscle tissue repair. Because of its vitamin C content, consuming fruit juice as part of a meal can help to increase the absorption of iron-rich foods like (some) fortified cereals, beans, pulses, spinach and kale – but seriously – does your kids love that kind of stuff? I wish!

So with that Spring sunshine bashing down our door, the requests for ice lollies came thick and fast so I left them to it and we are now prepped and ready – bring on the holidays! 

Disclosure: I’m working in a paid relationship with the British Fruit Juice Association on their #FruitJuiceBoost campaign. Discover the benefits of 100% fruit juice in your children’s diet.

You can get more info here on the benefits of juice via the BFJA website.