*This is a paid partnership with Xlash Cosmetics which I have been trying out and am now sharing my honest results with you*

The eyes are the window to the soul. An overused cliche? Perhaps. But they are definitely a frame for one’s face that is for sure and for me personally, my strongest feature.

Naturally, I do have rather lengthy eyelashes but over my 46 years, they have become thinner and I have noticed they haven’t been growing quite as strongly or lengthy as in my heyday.

How to turn back time on my peepers? Well, I’ve tried a few ‘miracle’ potions and different natural suggestions but most recently, the universe put Xlash Cosmetics’ conditioning serum in my path and I’ve been trying it out faithfully for the past six weeks.

With a discipline previously unheard of for me, I’ve been applying daily. Usually, the busy stream of life distracts me from remembering to stick to regimes like these, but I decided I needed to see real results actually put this fully through it’s paces and test it to the max.


I had the eyelash serum and mascara and the eyebrow conditioner and eyebrow pencil. With claims to show visible lengthening in 28 days, this product gives itself quite the reputation to live up to. It is oil free and not tested on animals, so all round an attractive prospect, but could it cut the mustard?

In essence, yes. It did.  After regular use, I categorically found my lashes to be noticeably fuller and I felt they were a good bit longer but not having measured initially, can’t swear to that.

My brows feel fuller and more defined, I’ve had some lovely compliment on them and also some comments about how I look really well, but they can’t put their finger on whats different, which I always think is the best kind of accolade. Keep that air of mystery going!

It’s important not to slather on too much of the product, that wont exacerbate the growth. Consistency is key, not quantity. After 2 months of daily use, you can dial down to 1-3 times a week for maintaining your maximum growth.

So, for the science bit:

The Xlash formula is made of several natural plant extracts and other safe ingredients. Some of the key ingredients in Xlash: Myristoyl pentapeptide-17, polysorbate 20, portulaca oleracea extract and rhodiola rosea root extract. 

Well, me and my gorgeous lashes are off to see what’s new in Zara this week, but if you fancy peepers to be proud of, make sure you use my code GINGER20 to grab 20% off everything which, at the moment, is already marked down so go, go, go!

Until next time lovelies.