My blog is a varied old space, you may agree. A right good eclectic mix of fashion, lifestyle, beauty and a splash of parenting I’d say.

Well today we are definitely in the lifestyle zone because I have a little nugget to share with you that could possibly change your life. Okay, maybe guilty of a bit of drama there, I grant you, but if you’ve ever been caught short in Milton Keynes, you will thank me for this no doubt.

Did you know there are no Council toilets in MK? No, I didn’t either. To be honest my view on them anyway would be ‘eeeeewww – steer clear’ as my perception would be germ filled and stinking to high heaven. Well, Domestos want to change all that. They want to provide us with a safe, clean, hygienic environment whether it be for changing our babies or spending a penny.

More often than not, I’m to be found skulking into a restaurant or pub, cross legged kid in tow, trying to negotiate a free sneaky pee on the premises, ignoring the ‘customer use only’ signs. 

From today, we, the general public, are going to be part of a bit of a revo-LOO-tion if you will, reclaiming the right to spend a penny when and where we need to.

Previously secret loo-cations (see what I did there?) – cafes, restaurants, coffee shops and bars – will be opened up to us mere mortals and we will be able to find them easily by the sticker displayed in participating establishment windows.

Awesome news if, like me, your child has ever whispered in your ear that they need to go NOW and you find yourself frantically seeking out any available space to resolve the toilet tension. 

I’ve found myself in such a panic at the impending accident at times, getting cross with the kids at the lack of timely tiddles, Dominic even puts a ‘sorry’ at the end of the inopportune wee request, pre-empting my frustration. Well, no more of this for us when out and about in MK, as we will be able to access in those awkward moments and take away the panic.

It’s not just us parents either though, it’s such a crucial solution for the hordes of locals who experience health issues that force them to go as soon as the urge rears its head. How soul destroying to have an untimely accident for the want of a simple public convenience, a basic human right? It’s time all that stopped. 

Look out for the stickers in shop fronts that will be popping up all over MK and let me know where you see them!

So, join me on Twitter on 8th August and beyond as we applaud the move with the hashtag #UseOurLoos let me know what you think and where you find is taking part, so we can let our fellow Keyners know the new hot bot spots!

Until next time lovelies xx