I went to Disneyland Paris recently on a wonderful press trip and could take one guest. Due to the fact Dominic is six years old and superhero crazy, his bro Harry gallantly stepped aside to allow Dominic his moment with his heroes.

I kept it as a surprise until really near the departure date and when I told him what we had ahead of us his, little face lit up! He asked me if we would meet his hero Thor and I was delighted to tell him a resounding ‘yes’. I wish I’d said ‘probably not’ as this assurance resulted in me having to hoick an oversized superhero hammer which made inopportune noises all the way to Paris and back. Lesson learned.

First off, the Eurostar was a dream for me. I chuffing hate flying so the prospect of the fast route to the Disney dream was 100% my type on paper. I’ve travelled on the cross channel solution before, but it was a long while ago so I was excited to try it out again.

Dominic quickly made himself at home with snacks, magazines and toys and bunkered down happily.

It really couldn’t have been any more convenient, easy with the kiddo, I got to do a bit of work and digest the itinerary for the weekend ahead and it kept my travel sickness at bay. I genuinely cannot recommend Eurostar highly enough and for me, it’s the ONLY way I’d choose to get to DLP!

We travelled in roomy Standard Premium and were treated to the personal touch with our lovely hostess bringing us a touch of Parisienne dejeuner to get us in the continental zone.

We arrived on the Disney Express and were immediately in the heart of the magic as the exit is a few small steps away from the Disney Village area which hosts numerous merch stores, restaurants on every corner and wow moments by the bucketload.

There’s no greater pain in my ass than transfer times on breaks with the kids usually, as once you get there, you just want to get stuck in to the fun, so this is the best option of being in the thick of things straight away, EVER!

Back to business and we were whisked to the utterly fabulous Disney Hotel. It’s only 2 mins away from the station but you know, Thor hammer and luggage, so I gratefully hopped on that shuttle! We’ve previously stayed at the Santa Fe – featured in the price example at the end of this post – and the Hotel Cheyenne which were both fab but this hotel was a different league totally. This is the hotel that we have looked at and wished for and we were lucky enough to be guests there for two magical nights.

I wanted to glide down those grand stairs with my princess gown trailing but sadly I hadn’t packed one and had to contend with sorting out the wedgie my jumpsuit was giving me and trying not to fall over in my ill fitting shoes. Hey ho. I will be a princess one day.



Dinner that night was a fabulous affair – we had the Meet & Greet package at the Hotel New York – at the lovely Manhattan restaurant. We were treated to the Marvel Premium Dinner Package.


This is a new spin on the character meets as there is now a pimped up area for maximum pic effects where you are invited to join the characters instead of vying for their attention as they work the room. Definitely more bang for your buck this way. A real premium VIP experience. Check out the look of awe on D’s face when meeting Thor!






Our second day in Disney was an exciting affair. Everything was gearing up to the evening launch of the heroes of the hour Marvel Superheroes and the buzz was all around – not just the Lightyear one.

We had most of the day to explore and believe me you need it, with six different zones in the main Disneyland Park alone, its a hive of fun and activity.

Now it’s not all hearts and flowers in Disney. Visible on many a corner are lots of tired and emotional toddlers and some pretty aggressive preschoolers juxtaposed alongside the hysterically excited hen parties and loved up pre & post-nup couples.

This is the main reason why I thoroughly recommend utilising the invaluable Fastpass system, which is easy to use. It’s my humble opinion that if you can adios any potential waiting around, why not? It doesn’t take away from any fun or spotaneity all, just the opposite! You simply scan your park tickets at the chosen ride and are issued with a time slot ticket. Come back at your allocated time and swan in like you own the place – not really, that would be mean, you’d get Disney daggers, but it sure feels good walking past the exasperated line of doom.

Back to the main event, the evening of awe began in the Walt Disney Studios as we gathered to see the grand opening and were agog at the entrance made by the heroes of the hour. Only in Disney, do your hosts fly in and abseil from a helicopter in front of your very eyes, we were open mouthed! It’s the first time all of the Marvel characters have been together on one stage and it was an epic moment to behold.

Once the formalities had ended, the party really started and I can honestly say I’ve never seen anything like it! We were also treated to the premiere of the Marvel Summer Of Superheroes stage show which was well worth the wait.

In the company of the likes of Perry from Little Mix (eep!) and the President Of Disney no less, it was an exciting affair. All stunts, shocks and surprises – I won’t spoil it for you – we came out beaming from ear to ear.

See all the excitement in my vlog…… (don’t watch if you are booked up to go and don’t want spoilers!)
























Guardians of the Galaxy dance off was brilliant with loads of audience interaction you really get into the heart of action.

We enjoyed the hospitality of Disney for a good while afterwards, with Lanson free flowing and food stations of every culinary desire before heading back to the main park for the climax of a truly magical day – the Fireworks.

Despite having teared up at the Disney fireworks several times in my life, each occasion I see this spectacle is like the first – I notice something different every visit, whichever location. It’s the biggest thrill bar none.

Even though it was after 11pm and the kids were shattered, Dominic said to me afterwards he was so glad I’d let him stay up because it was the best day ever. Parenting superhero status achieved!!!

Exhausted and satisfied we spilled back to our castle and prepped ourselves for the last day of our mini break.

I set the alarm for the next morning so we didn’t miss a moment and after filling our boots at the sumptuous buffet breakfast once more, we got our swag on and headed out to tick all our Disney boxes before heading home.

I’m really glad Dominic is not a daredevil for the big rides as I would struggle not to vomit so we stuck to the smaller ones of which there are plenty! The Sunday was a whirlwind of carousels, Peter Pan adventures, car racing where the kids get to take the wheel in Autopia, yet another go in Buzz Lightyear in Discovery Land, shows and train rides. Let’s not forget the obligatory merch purchase which this time consisted of Black Panther gloves which at £36 or thereabouts. These felt like a bargain when his face lit up and he lovingly tried to scratch my face off wearing them, luckily they came from Disney so my face remained intact, that’s how it works in the movies, right?

Going on my own with my darling son was easy. Disney suits all needs whether you are a thrill seeker, or more of a simple pleasures and memory makers kinda human, you will find it all here. We were lucky as we teamed up with the lovely Stacey and her gorgeous son Tyler who was on the same press trip as us, the boys and us girls got on like a house on fire and it was great to see the kids imaginations fired by the stimulation all around them.

So, how to put a price on the memories we made? Well it’s not secret that Disney breaks don’t grow on trees but it may be more affordable than you think. I know we were guests this time but we have put our money where our mouth is plenty of times and felt we got more than value for money.

The children NEVER forget these kind of trips. We do love a lazy all-inclusive week on the beach but if you ask them where their happiest times have been, Disney wins hands down every time.

I can’t stress enough how limited this summer sensation is though – Marvel Summer Of Superheroes ends on 30th September – so if you mess about you actually will miss out. I hope to goodness they extend it but there’s no word on the street that is a possibility so don’t be slow or it will be long gone.

Right here’s an example of costs, it’s not as expensive as we have paid in the past, there are some great deals around – obviously price varies day to day but you get the general gist:

Prices for a two night/ three-day package start from £1,152.98 based on 2 Adults / 2 Children sharing a room with 2 double-beds. Sleeps up to 4 people (Children aged 3-11).Price includes two night’s accommodation at Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe, three-day park hopper tickets with unlimited access to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park and return travel by Eurostar to Disneyland Paris from London St Pancras International, Ebbsfleet or Ashford International in standard class. This price also includes 25% off Hotel and Park Tickets + Free Half Board Meal Plan. Book by 31st July 2018. subject to availability. Terms & conditions apply. For more information on Marvel Summer of Super Heroes and other offers please call 08448 008 111 or visit: http://holidays.disneylandparis.co.uk 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post as much as I’ve loved writing it, this trip has re-ignited my love of Disney all over again and I feel like we are going to be talking about it even more from now on and planning our next visit – we’ve got the bug back!

Until next time my lovelies!



Disclaimer: As I’ve made clear all through the post, we were guests on a press trip but we love Disney and tbh I’d move in if they asked me. Oh wait, that’s an amazing idea, maybe I will pitch that to the PR team!!