Our sofa is a grand old age of 12 years old. Older than my eldest son, who is 11 this very week.

That’s a pretty good innings considering it still looks fab to the untrained eye and we didn’t even buy it new – we bought it from the previous owners of the house as we couldn’t have found a better match anywhere, nor afforded it brand new at the time.

Fast forward all these years later and innumerable ink marks, food drops and spilt milk episode later, the old girl is looking rather tired. Luckily some new cushions and a professional clean keeps it tip top until we replace it.

How thrilled was I when DFS asked if I was in the market for a new sofa? Er, let me think for  a moment – YES please!

DFS made the one we currently have which is a tremendous example of value for money and outstanding quality that lasts. The evidence is standing proudly in my lounge right now.

I had no hesitation at the thought of a refresh with them as I knew it would stand the test of time and the ultimate challenge – my boys!


Their Match Made service allows the customer to browse their vast array of options and choose from a plethora of sumptuous fabrics to create their dream option.




My heart leapt for the Moray in a soft grey velvet but then split when I saw the squishy plush perks to the Bailey Maxi as I’m sure the kids would prefer the snuggle factor of that over the grander gait of the Moray 4-seater.






I loved the colour pops of so many of their other options and felt myself daydreaming of how I’d dress a chic city apartment with a wealth of choices in dramatic hues and fabrics.

Back to reality and I have a lounge which is not just there to look nice and make me happy when it’s all tidy and I can lounge with Love Island and a glass of rioja –no, it is functional one with two excitable kids at the heart of our home.

Since the sofa will be an integral part of our lives, I am letting everyone have a say for a change – normally I’m in charge of décor solely – but whichever we go for, I know it will be one which sees us through many years to come. Watch this space for which we go for and how I style it up.

Have you tried the match made service? Which did you go for? Which is your fave of my top two?

Disclaimer –this is a collaborative post with DFS but all statements and views are as always, my own.