With blogging, you get invited to a lot of events, I mean a LOT! Over time, you learn to be discerning and decline going to the opening of an envelope, it’s costly & sometimes with the brands & your readers ,the fit just isn’t right.



Last week, an invitation came my way to the pre-launch of a new TV station – the Craft Channel. Now as you all know already, I’m not particularly crafty – in fact I’d go as far as to say I’m a Crappy Crafter! Not such a great name for a TV series, eh?

But it’s on my list of ‘must-do-betters’ in my self imposed Mummy rulebook, so I thought this might be just the place to kickstart my creativity!

I have Pinterest boards full of ‘craft ideas for rainy days’ ‘easy craft for kids’ ’10 quick craft projects’ – the list goes on. I’ve not tackled too many of them! I’m literally hanging my head in shame here as I write because I know how much my children LOVE crafting! Do you know what I usually say when they come up with some random idea for a project? ‘Oh, that sounds fab, do that when Granny comes to visit!’ How awful is that? I have done bits and bobs of it with them, it just doesn’t come naturally and it’s definitely not my activity of choice.

Truth is, I dread the mess, the hours it takes just to produce one wobbly-headed animal-shaped blob made up of a concoction of paint, plasticine, pipe cleaners and pom-poms! And then – where do you keep it????


But crafting has come a long way since my eldest was little and I was inspired to see some of the amazing ideas which will be airing on this new TV channel which I really feel like I am going to be able to tackle!


At the launch, I was greeted like a long-lost friend by Julian Ballantyne, household face and someone who simply oozes enthusiasm from every pore! He & the team behind this new venture have gone all out and sunk blood, sweat & tears into turning their dream into a reality. I was a little starstruck, if I’m honest, when I saw the TV legend that is Debbie Greenwood. She is an integral part of the Channel’s strategy, an expert in her field and so warm and engaging to watch, as well as an absolute darling in ‘real life’. We had a behind the scenes tour of the studios and what a set up it is, ready to go for it on launch day in a big way!



Now, I’m sure loads of you will be familiar with the TV show ‘Crafty Beggars’ which has another two fab faces from our armchair comfort zone, the effervescent Julie Peasgood & talented & chirpy Wendy Turner Webster – well, the fab news is these ladies will be hosting a regular segment on the new channel, as well as their new series due to go out in October.



The Jewel in the Channel’s crown, for me, comes in the form of Dawn Bibby.  She is, quite simply, the Queen of Craft! With a wealth of knowledge & experience, she has transformed from a very young woman sewing garments with her mum in their front room to dominating the craft scene with her tips, creations & now her desire to mentor small businesses who wish to excel in this field.

So, put all these sparkly ingredients in a big, crochet mixing bowl and what do you get? The recipe for success, of that I’m sure, with a pom pom on top! It’s a ground-breaker in terms of being an accessible platform for all small crafting-related businesses who, quite honestly, haven’t a hope in hell of ever getting their product to market as they just don’t have the business savvy to overcome the monopoly of big brands – this channel wants you! I love to champion all makers and creators who do so from their kitchens, sheds etc and are toiling away with little known, innovative products. Get your ideas to these guys, they can make it happen!

Launch day is Monday the 14th September from 8am on Sky & Freeview DO NOT miss out!


Now when they start that crappy crafters segment, I’ll be at the front of the queue!

You can view my by behind-the-scenes Persicope of the launch here

Do you feel like you need to up your creative game? Please tell me about it and make me feel less useless!