Urgh, how did we get here so quickly? I swear I’ve just got over the stress of shopping for last year’s gifts and it’s time to do it all again – sigh!

I am determined this year, however, not to be a last minute Larry as always, to be chilled, wrapped, ready so that I can actually enjoy the run up to the festive season for a change.

Christmas Shopping At centre:mk

With that in mind I went along to my local shopping centre in Milton Keynes – centre:mk –  which as you all know by now is choc full of our favourite shops and brands and made a really great dent in my Christmas list.

Now would Christmas be Christmas without your favourite Yankee Candle filling the house with the delicious scent of the festive season? I think not! So I’m loving the new Yankee Store for my fave smells the whole year round.


I was sooo distracted by all the displays in the stores though, especially Marks And Spencer, I could have mooched there all day picking up pretty things and exploring the extensive gift collections.

Bit awkward when I turned up wearing the same dress as this other woman beside me though…

Christmas Shopping At centre:mk

But that’s where I had to focus, and I started the menfolk shopping there as, cliché though it is, you just cannot beat good old M&S for capsule quality for the blokes.

Christmas Shopping At centre:mk

Christmas Shopping At centre:mk


Cashmere mix sweaters, check. Scarves, check. Socks – well, of course!

All very necessary essentials and they never go wrong. I love their smart coats too but I’m still deciding on that one for the hubby.

Christmas Shopping At centre:mk

A few steps later I found myself lost in the wonder of the White Company in all it’s soft fluffy splendour and I picked up some really pretty decorations, candles for stocking fillers and put their luxurious cushions on my own wish list.

Christmas Shopping At centre:mk

Christmas Shopping At centre:mk

Christmas Shopping At centre:mk

I had no option but to go to Game for some gift cards as it’s all the kids seem to want these days, much to my frustration but well, it is Christmas so off I went and handed over the hard earned.

But I offset the trauma of splashing the cash at Game with a quick visit to Hotel Chcolat for a (not so) little treat!

Boots was next as their legendary 3 for 2 offers are brilliant and I got some Jack Wills, Liz Earle and Ted Baker goodies for Santa’s sack this year.

I always send one of my oldest friends in Glasgow a Panettone in her bag of goodies but Carluccio’s had some really beautifully wrapped (and tasty) ones so that got ticked off the list too.


The great things is that centre:mk have a Godsend shop and drop at Guest Services (which is free btw!) and are opening the new multi-storey carpark by John Lewis this week with a free carry to car service – so there’s no stress in shopping there.

Plus the gift wrapping service makes life a heck of a lot easier too….

River Island is always my go to for a bit of sparkle, cute and cosy slippers and snuggly hats – it didn’t disappoint.

Even tried on a couple of coats for myself – well, there’s no harm in looking for myself too, is there? – and the mannequin kindly modelled the back view as I twinned with her on the check front.

Perfume is always an essential at Christmas as luckily the Perfume shop has just about everything we could want! Some snazzy lighting brought out the instagrammer in me too and I tried the scent I’ve wanted for ages, Louboutin – and also favourite Marc Jacobs.  I won’t say what I actually purchased in the end because that would ruin the surprise for a certain someone who is most likely reading this!

The Disney store is an essential stop and whilst I got carried away with the sparkly Princess dresses, I also managed to pick up some goodies for the kids lol

Last stop was House Of Fraser for a little musing for my own Christmas list as I’m always in the market for a new bag and these three were my faves…

The centre has so many stores, something for everyone.




It’s amazing what you can do with a few focused hours and I was so pleased with the progress I’ve made, I don’t have much left to get at all now! Let me know your favourite shops at centre:mk – or have you yet to visit?