For a clean freak like me, maybe getting a dog wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had.

He may be hypoallergenic but he still wafts dirt, debris and dander everywhere he goes.

Luckily he is the cutest little life and has brought ridiculous amounts of joy to our home in the short time since he joined the famalam.


I knew he was going to be a life changing addition to the family but I definitely didn’t bargain on the extra workload of cleaning to keep the hygiene in the house tip top.

It has meant an overhaul of appliances. Making sure I am using the more time effective gadgets which work fast but clean deep.

The Bissell Icon 25V cordless vacuum is one such hero product and this may be a cliche but it has actually been a  game changer.

It’s important to note I am anti-instructions, who has time for that? So for me the first mark of how well I’m going to gel with a new toy would be simplicity of use.  My beloved Bissell Icon 25v is a fuss free, interchangeable dream machine, no need for head scratching and frustration.

It comes with a little charge already and once fully juiced, has a run time on full power of 50 minutes, which is comparably pretty fantastic!

Now another important feature for me, with a vertebrae that gives me much tension, was that I didn’t have to stoop to use this model. When in full upright mode, this one does the job for me without my posture paying the price.


I particularly like the easy click mechanism of the interchangeable parts. Super clear as to what goes where, I can go from fully upright to hand held in seconds. I’ve actually used the cordless hand held oodles more than I expected to. Instead of an inadequate dust pan and brush, I’m reaching for my Bissell Icon 25v for those little spills and doing the job in a fraction of the time, and to a much higher standard.

Now I have this thing about touching dirt, and garlic. Ok, let me explain that one.  You know when you crush garlic and you get that unavoidable whiff on your fingers? Well I invested in a super duper garlic crusher with a special release mechanism which enables you to never have to actually handle the smelly stuff again. It’s the same with this Bissell. The easy empty smart seal design means no touch necessary as you empty out the dirt chamber, a massive plus for this machine in my eyes.

Tackling dust and dirt which is not so visibly obvious to the eye is a challenge, but with this Bissell Icon’s innovative LED light system on the swivel nozzle means I can get low level access to those awkward places for example, under the sofa and the beds, and the sooty spots are caught in the headlights and sucked up in no time.

Something that turns my stomach is when hair gets trapped in a roller – eeurgh! Gross! However, a natty feature of the Bissell Icon 25v is that this is a thing of the past with it’s innovative tangle free brush which is brilliant and a very welcome invention!

All in all I’m delighted with my new dust buster and I’ve also tried out other Bissell products now as a result, which have me converted too.

This little gem is available from and Argos. and retails at £349.99

This little gem is available from and Argos. and retails at £349.99 BUT those lovely people at BISSELL have soooo kindly given me one to giveaway to you lovely lot!

For your chance to win a BISSELL ICON 25V simply enter here and best of luck!

Let me know what your fave Bissell toy is, see what I need to get next!

Until next time lovelies. xx

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