Swimwear headaches are imminent as summer is on it’s way. I know this because my kids are acceptably in shorts for the first time this year as the sun is kindly poking its head out regularly. Woohoo! No more ‘aaaaaaaaargh, my jeans are hurting me’ nonsense for a while!!!

Swimwear shopping is a headache as I have so many bits I want to hide – waterproof Burka anyone? – so I have some fail safe bikinis I take on holiday every year which work really well for my body shape but I probably need to treat myself to a new injection of bikini beauties this year to see me through our summer break.

I had a lovely surfing session the other night and came up with some gorgeous options so I thought I’d share them with you. I’m not a big cutout swimsuit fan as (even though I don’t tan, read all about that struggle here) I have sunburn lines to worry about, but I found some little gems so i have included these for those suit fans among you.

First up, this absolutely cute-as-buttons Moschino number which I found in Selfridges for £50 as opposed to the same one for £75 in Net-A-Porter! Well, that’s the difference between affordable and silly really, isn’t it? So I will be investing in this one and adding it to my collection. Bikinis last for years so pence-per-wear, this is a pretty great deal!


For classic blacks, (can’t really say they are slimming since bikinis, by definition, generally let it all hang out!) I love these as they each have their own unique twist on plain black and I like quirky but not crazy!

In pic order, Calvin Klein (only £ 37!!), Moschino, ASOS If you have the boobs for it & Misguided for ASOS for a more substantial classic lift and hold effect.

So to cut-outs…well I love the idea of these but don’t have the body to back them up sadly. I can maybe rock a side cut-out if there’s a lot of lycra going on, so I had a mooch about and found some lovely ones. I know lots of my readers are younger then me (not difficult) and have fab bodies, so I included a few cheeky little numbers just for you lot and some chic, muffin top maskers numbers for all the in-betweeners.

Now I’ve found the best of the cozzies and bikinis, we need cover-ups and I started with floppy hats – a must for the for fairer-skinned among us. I had a massive lust moment for this Eugenia Kim cracker with sequin words, but would never pay the price tag just for it to get squished in my case…but I was excited to find the perfectly priced alternative in this Kate Spade number, designer chic for a fraction of the price!

A kaftan is a must-pack item for those pre-sunbathing moments like going for brekkie or taking your little one to the loo, where it’s not ok to let it all hang out. I love this high street option vs it’s high end sibling, I know which one I prefer!

There are so many options around and I've saved you the surfing with my delish dozen round up:


Have I helped you find your perfect fit?

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