Everyone remembers those monumental days in their lives which will stay with them forever – the day their child was born, first day at school, starting a new job etc etc. Ok, this wasn’t quite on the same scale BUT my best day in a very long while was the day we got our new dishwasher & washing machine from the lovely people at Beko!

They truly rescued me from a leaky future as I’d been having problems with my formerly trusty old piece of metal for a while and my Insta stories were full of soggy disasters. I had been at Beko’s event for their #28minutes campaign for their spanking new washing machines and we got chatting about white good woes.

Turns out, their innovation and expertise works its magic on a huge range of products and not only was a new washing machine about to change my laundry life, but aforementioned dishwasher was about to take away my crockery chaos!

It took me ages to choose which models to go for – sorry Beko, I’m just SO indecisive! – but I wanted to research their range really well as there are so many options on the market and Beko have such an extensive range.

I felt confident that this new mean machine would be a keeper for a long time to come so it was important to hit the spot with the right fit for our family.

I plumped for the Beko AquaIntense DIN28r22, RRP. £349 which after much googling, was the biggest internal capacity – so important, we wash A LOT of dishes! But also with the right functions to ease the workload and make life easier – well that’s the whole point, right?

It’s so easy to use, Dominic is a great helper….

Our favourite part of this new addition to our family is the pull out cutlery drawer because when we have tons of pots, pans, plates etc, the dishwasher fills up pretty quickly and whereas before, the cutlery tray would infringe on much needed space, we can just leave it out and stack our stuff in the flat tray to do the job and utilise the leftover area to whack in more dirties. Genius!

My kids go through a whole load of dishes, do yours? I mean it’s second nature to them to get a cup out, have a drink and chuck it in the dishwasher. It would never enter their minds buy into my ‘rinse and return’ method, to save energy, water, even money in the long run. Nope, in it goes.

Yesterday I went through three loads. I had been making Nicky’s secret dip you all seem to love, recipe here, and also my Oreo truffles – for the tutorial click here – so I had generated a fair amount of mess.

The Beko AquaIntense DIN28R22  allows me to programme the machine to individual needs and even set a timer if I have to pop out whilst it cleans.

Some dishes have more stubborn grime than others, especially my pasta bake, that sure is tough to shift from my stoneware. I know, I know, you shouldn’t stick stoneware in the dishwasher but I do, hands up, I’m guilty. I just can’t get used to the idea of not having it thoroughly cleaned. Still works beautifully for me and I enjoy knowing it is pristine.

Setting it to intense makes short shrift of that stuck on carnage whilst a quick blast works a treat for lighter loads and easy to shift stuff.

One of my favourite tricks in the AquaIntense is the top tray can be made higher or lower, depending on what your needs are in the lower tier. This comes in super handy when I have larger items that need a spruce up which are tricky to fit.

All in all, I love my new dishwasher and I just wanted to say a big thank you to Beko for it. Look out for my washing machine review later this week!

I’m off to stick a load in and feel like a domestic goddess! Toodle Pip! xxx


*Disclaimer: Clearly this was gifted, but equally clearly it’s now part of our family and we love it!*