On a late, dregs-of-summer evening in Kings Cross, two slightly tipsy women in their forties circled the station searching out Bar & Block.

Finally accepting that it was not in the bustling Granary Square area but in fact the quieter, less glam side of the station, we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best.

As we caught sight of the welcoming neon pink backdrop and the striped signage of our destination, we knew we had chosen the right place for the evening.

As the doors swung open the heady mix of music, chatter and sizzle caught us up in the atmosphere and our hunger pangs danced in anticipation.

Bar & Block smells real good. That aroma of sticky sweet sauces dripping onto skewered meat, sizzling vegetables packed with punch and oak aged wine permeates the air.

The ambience was a lovely mix, I had thought it would be packed with commuters leading the last culinary hurrah of the working week but instead it was a cocktail of families, older couples and trendy youngsters. Not sure where we fitted in but it felt just right.

The menu was easy to navigate, broken down clearly for the hard of thinking after a long day’s shopping.

The speciality is clearly steak but they offer plenty besides.

Starters for us were a delicious mix of grazing plates filled with padron peppers, pulled beef crocquettes and a gem of a dish, the Asian crispy beef which is a taste I definitely want again and again.

Buoyed by the success of those starters, we eagerly anticipated our mains, which came straight on the back of our starter. I like this, no messing around between courses, just gimmee all the food!

We had both ordered steak, no brainer, the options were the problem, there were too many!

Andrea, my accomplice, couldn’t resist the 10oz sirloin rubbed in garlic and chilli which looked fantastic and tasted just the same, she tells me.

My choice, which I have to say was the best, was the king of steaks, the fillet accompanied by sweet potato fries topped with feta, coriander and chorizo. I know, right??? What a killer combo, my mouth watered at it, both in the menu and on the table. It was AMAZING, I kid you not.

Just the right combo of tender, succulent and tasty as all hell.

We shared a side of Asian spice cauliflower which was fuelled with spicy delight.

Drinkswise, we popped a bottle of Prosecco which was crisp, cold and delicious and was the perfect accompaniement to our dishes.

Believe it or not, we actually found a slither of space for pudding. Mine was a sticky toffee pudding to rival any other I’ve had before with ice cold vanilla cream melting teasingly over the top. Usually served with salted caramel ice cream but the helpful staff were happy to switch to my preference.

Andrea’s lemon and clementine cheesecake was packed full of zesty tingle and was voted a cracking choice.

As a wee night cap I sampled a vodka lemonade and lime which was the perfect topping to the evening whilst Andrea had a gin and tonic which was as voluptuous as it was delicious.

A real unexpected find for us, Bar & Block is definitely top notch in the steak stakes in my book and I’m looking forward to a return visit soon.

Until next time lovelies xxx

*Disclaimer: Our meal and drinks were gifted for the purposes of my review but I would never speak well of crappy food or service so you can be assured every word of this is 100% our true happy experience.*