All hail this great British summer we are having! I am loving it despite the tangible effects of global warming there’s no denying people are a heck of a lot happier in these tropical temperatures.

With it comes a fresh wave of problems in entertaining the kids though as it is actually too hot for a lot of the regular summer activities we would usually embark upon, hot sweaty ginger faces all round in my world!

Simple solution – get them in the water.

Harry has been a little fish since an early age and loves all things aqua related so when Willen Lake launched its new Aqua Parcs MK, we took two of his closest friends and were off like a shot.

Anyone who knows MK will recognise that this location, Willen Lake,  has always been a fab place for kids and adults alike. During the winter it underwent a big refurb with the intro of a fantastic splash park and new climbing apparatus but bang in the middle of the lake is now the most fun you can have on inflatables ever.

At 20 quid a pop, it’s good, clean, family fun at it’s best.

Brought to us by two dudes Keiron and Joe, it was refreshing to see that they were so hands on, Keiron greeted us and worked the reception like a pro.

Arrive half an hour before your time slot to get wet suited up (optional) but the kids tell me it’s the smart option. Shloop yourself into one of those bad boys and off you go.

Lockers are provided – they are roomy but no with padlocks although a member of staff is on hand to keep an eye on the area. Changing areas are clean and easily accessible.

The health and safety bit: Open to ages 8 upwards but 8-10 year olds must have adult supervision. Waivers must be signed and all participants need to be able to swim 25m unaided.

Spectators can chill out and watch from a distance (with fold up chairs and a picnic if you are organised, unlike us!) and once participants have navigated the pier, they are off.

I’m told by the kids that this experience is 9.9999999 out of ten (apparently that’s pretty amazing!) and is streets ahead of any they have tried before due to the various access points of the inflatables. Once you plop into the water, there’s no need to circumnavigate the entire perimeter to get back on, you just hop back on at the many access points around it.


Also a winner is the variety of obstacles to overcome –  it fires the imagination and makes for great fun. Swings, domes, monkey bars and climbing walls amongst others!

I was told by Harry that there are more lifeguards on hand at this experience than he has seen at any other and they ramp up the fun factor by getting involved whilst maintaining everyone’s safety.

The staff are out scrubbing and checking the entirety of this structure from early hours every day to make it the safest, cleanest fun around, in constant conflict with the local feathered wildlife who seem to want to make it their base too!

The water session lasts around fifty minutes and everyone we saw came off beaming from ear to ear.

The location is perfect because whilst the older ones have their fun, you can keep the younger ones entertained in the splash park (you need to book) or the other areas in the park surrounding. Family winner winner chicken dinner.


If you are looking for a fab experience for families, friends or team building around MK, this place gets my vote.

*Disclaimer: I am working with Aqua Parcs in a paid partnership to bring you a candid review of the experience. If it was shit, it would be awkward, but I would tell you that *

Until next time my lovelies xx