Baby Girl Fashion

Being the proud father of #BabyPink after 3 boys in succession, threw me a little.


There were the obvious things. I know nothing about make up, hate shopping, will probably be an embarrassment at the school gates (due to my clothes, car, hairstyle or all three) but my biggest concern was fashion.

In my younger, more affluent, pre-children days I like to think I was a stylish dresser. Armani jeans and shirts. T-shirts by Gucci, Ted Baker. Shoes from Donna Karen (bought from Saks on 5th Avenue) Boxers by Calvin Klein, natch.

Boys style and fashion is easy. Jeans, t-shirts, shirts. Runners to complete the look. Maybe a belt and hat or baseball cap. A nice jacket. Done and dusted.

Dressing girls is a whole different kettle of fish. Even when it comes to her indoors, I try to avoid buying presents of clothes. It’s a minefield I don’t want to step into. #BabyPink though, forces my hand. Partly because if left solely to Jen, there will be outfits I hate. The other problem is most high street stores female ranges are pink, have cute little pictures or slogans on them, or are covered in bows or flowers.

I want #BabyPink to be a strong independent woman. Image is everything for girls but STILL! I don’t want her to grow up with the first comments people make are about her clothes or hair.

So I thought I’d go to Pinterest for ideas.

Bad, awful idea. If you type Baby girl fashion into the search bar, there are thousands and thousands of pins and boards. It would take me till she was getting ready for her debs just to look at half of them.

I thought I’d try gender-neutral baby clothing instead, that I’ve been hearing so much about.

Here things started to look up. There are lots of pins to independent designers making beautiful baby clothes that would suit a boy or girl. The only problem was, all of the pins seemed to be a few years old!!

Time to hit Google.

The problem here is that all the big brands have time and money to spend on SEO so appear first, Mothercare,  Littlewoods, etc etc. I did pop over to Next as I’ve always liked their clothes and quality.

Their unisex offering wasn’t very big, I did find these romper suits though.



I then came across hello although not strictly unisex it’s not girlie, girlie, fussy frills and bows. Like this vest.


slyfoxthreads was my next find, they have some of the coolest baby clothes I’ve seen so far.

Like this t-shirt. Sums it all up really…Check it out…



As you can see finding cool gender-neutral clothing isn’t as easy as I’d hoped, but with a bit of time and the Internet, anything is possible!

Throw me some funky #babypink inspiration guys!

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