Evening all, just felt I had to tell you about a product I happened upon this week that I just know you will all want in your fridge! I’ve awarded it the Ginger Mum seal of approval by making it my ‘GM loves’ product of the week!

We, as parents, all know that the transition from breast or tinned milk to ‘big’ milk can be traumatic and a lengthy process…well it just got a whole lot easier! Mums & Dads now have a new secret weapon specifically designed for the 1-5 year age range where diet worries for our children are a massive headache. Arla foods, the family favourite for most of our household chilled products like cheese, yoghurt, spreads, also Lactofree amongst many others have done their homework and played a blinder with this one and it covers loads of bases. They’ve created the country’s first fresh cows milk, enriched with essential nutrients to support growth & development. Fussy eaters who you worry don’t take in enough essential nutrients? No problem, give ’em Big Milk to supplement their diet. Little ones, big ones, and us run-ragged mums, we can all benefit!

Arla’s resident Nutritionist who you might recognise from both my last foodie post on Skyr and from TV’s Food Unwrapped,Charlotte Stirling-Reed, gives the low down on the science bits of what went into this product. Bulging with vitamins A & D, teamed with calcium, plus the added bonus of an iron boost, I feel like we can all use this in our diets.

With milk being such a massive part of our lives,in cooking, baking, and on its own merit, it’s good to know that Big Milk is looking after us! I particularly love the name, who hasn’t used the ‘big milk’ term as an incentive for a reluctant little one to move on to the white stuff? I know I did, worked wonders!

My boys thankfully love milk, but it wasn’t always this way! My youngest had a major dairy intolerance for his first two years, and was on Nutramigen for the most part of that. I’m fortunate, because I introduced dairy painstakingly slowly and persevered, he grew out of it, but it’s a long hard road that I know some of you are still going through. Believe me, I feel your pain.

Now, we are through that period and both of them love nothing more than a cold glass of milk and while they drink it up greedily, I can feel assured that not only is it quenching their thirst but also knowing their precious little bodies are absorbing all the right goodness. Arla have kept this product as pure as possible, avoiding adding any nasties, only true goodness and done all the research to tick all the health benefit boxes we are looking for, so all we have to do is bung it in our trolley.

My youngest son, Dominic has been poorly his week (yes, again!) with a viral infection this time and hasn’t felt like eating much, so I’ve been giving him plenty of fluids, including Big Milk and I haven’t worried like I usually do about what he is missing out on nutritionally.

Now, the lovely people at Big Milk have been generous enough to put together a lovely prize of a selection of smoothie-making fruit, money saving coupons and Big Milk for one lucky winner, simply follow me on Twitter @gingermumblog or on Bloglovin to win!


You can buy Arla Big Milk at all the main supermarkets now, and for the first few weeks, there are plenty of introductory discounts to be had. It costs around the £2.20 mark, so yes, I know it’s pricier than a normal 4-Pinter BUT, just think of all the savings on vitamin supplements and no tinned milk costs either! Win-win!

Have you had trouble making the milk switch? Let me know how you handled it….